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Oh well that's new.

Lemo a posted Aug 14, 16

As you can see, I need you Stompz.

I'm changing up how our staff will be working, breaking them into two groups; Stompz Community Management, Stompz Creation Team.

What are these two groups?

Community management is our current staff team, their soul focus is just to manage chat and deal with the community as need (Their role really hasn't changed.)

Stompz Creation team, well this is where we things get fresh. This group will be formed by the following tags Plugin Developer, Builder and Lore Writer. With this new team it will allow us to start pushing out new content for stompzcraft alot quicker.

This is where Im needing you.
We will be recruiting via the forums the following positions:

Five places will be available. You'll have access to private area within the forums containing tasks that will need to be completed along with an area to place you own imput on up and coming changes. Must take in consideration that there may be deadlines on some projects.

Lore writer

Two places will be available. With the new up and coming changes in some areas of Stompzcraft, we'll be in need of writers. They may be writing stories and history for dungeons and cities, or (hint) writing lore about custom NPC's such as monsters and villagers.


TurtlezFTW I like how Lemo made this thread and it has Uncle Sam in it :3 But he's Aussie! MURICA 4 LYFE
randomness777 I hope to see progress in this server! We need something to get this server back on track! :)
Pingsterr Make, Stompzcraft, Great, again. *Cheering*

Two Changes

JesseWayne21 a posted May 19, 16

Hello all,

Last night per the request of Lemo and of Tseegno I made two configuration changes to the server. Both of these changes impact you, so we wanted to fill you in on the details. 

Change #1: Protection Stones Expansion

I increased the size that a Protection Stone protects from 21x21x21 to 31x31x31. In order for you to use this new size you must break any Protection Stone that you already have and replace it. This will create a new region with the new parameters. If you have multiple Protection Stones, owned by different players next to each other, this may cause you problems unless you break them all and replace them all, as regions for different players cannot overlap. This change was made to give players more protection space, without having to increase the number of allowed protection stones.

Change #2: Portal Gates

I changed the key block for portals from Glowstone to Chiseled Quartz. This means that in order to create any new portals you will have to use Chiseled Quartz and hit it with a named Watch. From what I could tell from my testing any existing portals should continue to work as normal, but should be replaced. This change was made to remove lighting issues cause by the use of Glowstone, mostly impacting spawners.

If there are any issues please let me know. Preferrably by Private Message.



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Late notice for War

KnBRocker120 a posted Apr 23, 16

Sorry for the late notice everyone, but today at 5pm EDT War will commence for 2 Hours!

Just looking at old threads, wow, some people really hate my guts, I don't regret any of it.
RIP in peace Harambe <\3
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