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Heya peepz, so it’s the new year now and I hope yours started off well.


The main reason for this post was to explain a little bit about the snowball fight plugin I put in around Christmas that barely got used because of how bad I handled spreading it.  It’s able to be played by anybody and it’s quite simple:


Use /sbf to get the main help page

Use /sbf list to see whether the arenas have started or are in queue

Use /sbf play (name of arena) to join the arena’s queue

(You can only join a match from the main world)


There are currently only three arenas:


The only team arena atm. Players: 4-8



The big free for all arena. Players: 2-6



Repurposed spleef arena; the 1v1 arena.

Currently this is a very basic minigame, (I guess a stompzball stripped of anything fancy) so it does have room for improvement.  Technically this is just an attempt at bringing in a few faces for some quick fun, but if it’s popular I might attempt to make some cool updates for it.


Hope you enjoy and Happy Stompzing!


randomness777 Hope you guys keep the snowball fights in. Its alot of fun plz dont take it down lol

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We’ve done it once again, we made it to Christmas. First off we’d like to thank you all for battling along with us on stompzcraft. We the staff do know we’ve been a little quiet, but that hasn’t stopped as we work behind the scenes. We’re looking forward to spoiling you all soon with some new content that is around the corner.

We all so want to say thank you for all the support the server has received up to this point. If It wasn’t for you guys we wouldn’t still be here. And during this break we want all of you to enjoy your holidays and to be safe. In Queen Elba’s words ‘Don’t be drinking too much, or eating too much, you don’t want to lose them mad gainz.’ And I expect no less, Elba be spending his lovely time on a roof eating taco’s probably tangled in Christmas lights.




Snowball fights!

I’d like to announce that I’ve made a snowball fight plugin for the holidays and I want to make it into an event.  What will happen is on Friday Dec 23rd I’ll be holding some beta tests for the plugin that anybody can join at around 6pm EST. Then on Christmas Eve we hold a snowball fight tournament! Then until New Years the plugin will be around for you guys to play around with.


I personally want all of you to have a Merry Christmas or whatever other holiday you peepz celebrate.


What, spawn has changed?

We have actually decorated spawn for this holiday! So hop on and take a look at the amazing decorations.

Hang around spawn for a particle snow filled time.

Then take a break and drink some hot cocoa with the Ender Dragon.

Snow ball fights *cough* StompzBall *cough* will be located in the games hub

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(ends on Jan 15th)

It's time for the most wanted post we've all been talking about!

Creation Team

We have searched through all of the applications and pinpointed all of the characteristics of those posts.  We weighed each person’s strengths and weaknesses against Lemo’s plans for the future and picked the people who seemed most fit.  Sadly we could not choose everyone. We did indeed choose an extra person than was stated but that was due to the scope of what we wanted going in a few directions.  Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the listings:


Lore Writers:











Leading Manager: AccidentProneMan


Everybody who has been mentioned should join Discord and then enjin message Diamond or Lemo their Discord names.

For Americans: Due to time zone differences, everything will go through Accident, then to Diamond, then all the way to the ears of Lemo.

Now Discord

We have moved over from teamspeak to discord! The feedback from the last post was small but good enough to warrant our change. It’s all set up and ready for your lovely faces. Join [here].

And with everything that is planned in the future, creating a small team dedicated to working on the server is needed.  With this post we can get started on amazing things that have a chance to bring life to the server once again.

Can’t wait to work with ya. ~Diamond

BlackApolo It's great to be back, can't believe I've missed so much! Congrats on all the promotions and progress guy...
MineDown13 The invite has expired. How do I join Discord?
[Mod] AccidentProneMan Yesh. Now you poor things have to listen to my voice in my goodly mic :L. Can't wait to work with you guys!
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