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Maintenance is over.

Lemo a posted Jul 17, 15

Maintenance was a success and we are now LIVE once more. Welcome to a bigger better stompz :P

IP's are currently active: is currently online

Voting is online


Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update 5:33am EDT:
Like normal I have goofed up again. While trasnfering I currupted one of the files, and have to repeat the process one more time. This shouldnt lengthen the down time too much. Eta Is currently a little unknown at this moment.


Stompz will be down for maintenance while we move server files over to our bigger dedicated system. We'll be starting maintenance on the July the 17th at 1am EDT.
Down time anywhere around 3 to 5 hours.

Stompzcraft now has a clan on clash of clans, be sure to join! Just type in StompzCraft in the search and it should be the clan with the most members! 

Reminder: The competition for the stompzcraft voting banner is currently under way. For more information please look at the post below. 

Happy Stomping!

TwinkelK @ StompzCraft Main
Well I'm not sleeping, and I have a doctor's appointment. Guess I'm not getting on the server till 12
[Mod] AccidentProneMan Even tho I'm usually sleeping at this time, I r still sed 4 downtiem.

Update #9

Lemo a posted Jul 12, 15

Update #9: Progress & updates.


This post will contain a number of topics:

  • Current state of stompz,
  • Competitions,
  • What’s been added




Im sure you’re all keen on a update report on the current progress of stompzcraft. Im happy to announce we’re entering the final stages of beta testing. ‘What we’re still in beta’ you may say? well yes sadly there are still some kinks here and there to iron out, such as the minor lag spikes and what the course of said spikes and a few minor configs with plugins. In short the main goal was to bring back that feel of StompzCraft, that homely and welcoming feeling once again.

Though being in open beta we’ll be having another moment of downtime for maintenance, we’ll be moving over to a bigger dedicated server. Though this time I have found ways to reduce the time while in maintenance, estimated time to be around 3 to 4 hours rather than the 24 hrs+ we had last time.

Maintenance will commence on the 17th of July sometime around 1am EDT.
In turn Voting may be down for a short amount of time, and we’ll also revert back to the use of rather then in the time being when it comes back up.



So let’s start of with my first StompzCompetition (Lemo). Stompzcraft is in dire need of a new voting banner, and I’m here to ask the Stompz community to give us their own touch to draw players in.

What’ll be needed on the banner:
Our Server IP (
The type of server (Towny and economy)
And the main goal (Something about our best damn community minecraft has ever seen)

From there we’d love to see your awesome twists you can do for our banners.

Rewards will be
First place: 2800 StompzPoints

Second place: 1600 StompzPoints

Third place: 800 StompzPoints

There will be a post made (here) where you can post your submissions. This post will also go into detail about the rules and how the judging processes will done.


New features that have currently been add:


Player protection,
So many of you noticed a while back that we introduced a cap on protected areas. Reason we went about  reduce the amount of claimed area was to:

one, focus on the key element of Stompz being Towny, drawing the player to enjoy the social and economy element that the server provides.

Two, to reduce the abandoned claimed area’s when a player doesn’t play stompzcraft over X amount of months, if not returning at all (This is mainly focusing on new players that only join Stompz for a day or two). But in turn we have also added in a store purchase to increase that Cap located under the stompz extras tab on the home page. This is added so players that are loyal & or dedicated to stompz can support Stompzcraft either via Voting or Donations.

Though if you have donated for a donation rank your protection cap has been also increased,

  • ProDonator has an increase to 16 claims
  • Vip Has an increase to 32 claims
  • Platinum and higher have 65 claims


These cap’s are subject to change, either to increase or lower.

New ingame commands have been also added,

  • /needtown has been re-added to allow new players to show town staff that they are now looking for a town.
  • /staff to allow players to see if a staff member is online or to find someone to help with an issue
  • /meow has also been added to completely annoy one another once again.

Many of you may know of these features are in already, but it’s always a healthy reminder.


Just a small update on staff:

Tseegno and Sarah345343 have been fully promoted to Admin, these two have been handling a number of issues from behind the scenes from  the very beginning of this new world. And if it wasn’t for them a lot of things wouldn't be running as smoothly as it has (of course all the staff have been doing an amazing job :P). Though we’re now publicly announce my two admins. ^-^.


We’re going to be bring back a few old features such as spotlight (Town & player) along with Build Comp next month so ready your resources dust of those building skills it’s going to be a biggy.

Along with me slave driving our Dev GODofCRAFTERS, we’ll be pushing out our new gamemode for stompz in the following days. So keep an eye out for a new post going into detail about the new game mode. ^-^

randomness777 Challenge accepted! > ...
Batmantbc That sounds awesome, Gratz Tseegno and sarah! ...
I know there's mods for it, but Minecraft just needs some kind of instrument system and wall running.
Saw that lol
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