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Good day people of StompzCraft :)

As many of you know on June 13 a drawing started. More than likely we will be doing more of this in the future (keep your fingers crossed).

We as a group have decided to do this to help interact with you guys. We love to hear from you guys and to have conversations with ya'll.

Anywho.. Now to announce the winners of the drawing ;). Please go to /warp drawing to claim your in-game prizes. To veiw my selecting process please click here.

In first place we have.. M4CHII

In Second place we have... Rob514

And Finally.. In third place we have.. Qornatio

I hope you all enjoy your prizes and sign up for the next drawing! =)

Click here to sign up for the next drawing. 

It’s the words you never thought you’d see!

Stompz has updated to 1.11.2!


If you were wondering if you could get any of that sweet new 1.11 stuff from anywhere in Stompz, we’ve got a new mineworld all geared up and ready to go FINALLY GOSH DARN IT! And soon we’ll probably even expand the world border.


As a result of conflicting tangled up mess, our server had quite a hard time being able to update. So unfortunately, in order to update we had to drop StompzKingdomz.


Understandably, if that news doesn’t get you down, it’s fine. But if you were a tad bit upset, don’t worry! We’ll have something new coming out soon, as always we’re working on stuff in the background and will hope to keep you updated shortly.


And… Disguises are BACK!!!!!

‘Nuff Said.

Ladyroguemelody Wow what was 2 whole weeks and they launch 1.12. Hey guys if you look at all the servers out there claiming to be 1.12 a...
Molotov22719 Wonderful! Thanks for all the continuous hard work!
jbshadow Loving the hard work that went into getting stompz updated well done


Heya peepz, so it’s the new year now and I hope yours started off well.


The main reason for this post was to explain a little bit about the snowball fight plugin I put in around Christmas that barely got used because of how bad I handled spreading it.  It’s able to be played by anybody and it’s quite simple:


Use /sbf to get the main help page

Use /sbf list to see whether the arenas have started or are in queue

Use /sbf play (name of arena) to join the arena’s queue

(You can only join a match from the main world)


There are currently only three arenas:


The only team arena atm. Players: 4-8



The big free for all arena. Players: 2-6



Repurposed spleef arena; the 1v1 arena.

Currently this is a very basic minigame, (I guess a stompzball stripped of anything fancy) so it does have room for improvement.  Technically this is just an attempt at bringing in a few faces for some quick fun, but if it’s popular I might attempt to make some cool updates for it.


Hope you enjoy and Happy Stompzing!


randomness777 Hope you guys keep the snowball fights in. Its alot of fun plz dont take it down lol
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