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Update #7

Lemo a
Lemo @ StompzCraft Main
posted Fri at 21:57

Stompz will be down for maintenance while we move server files over to our bigger dedicated system. We'll be starting maintenance on the May the 24th at 8am EDT
Down time anywhere around 1 to 5 hours.

Updates so far on beta:
We have so made changes to the towny permissions. Towns will now have a dayly upkeep of Two stompz per plot, along with the fix of town ranks.

Towny ranks are as followed:


As expected this has all the same permissions as the mayor of town, only give this out to extremely trusted individuals.


This rank allows the player to build and destroy on any area in town. Along with set plot prices (for sale.. ect).


This rank has the ability to build and destroy on any area in town.

Like previously, mayors can assign rank to residents with the command
/t rank add [player] [rank]

KennyBiscuits a we can't do anything about the protection stone flags
TurtlezFTW Will Protection Stone Flags be added?
Batmantbc Sounds great!

Beta testing time

Lemo a
Lemo @ StompzCraft Main
posted May 9, 15

Happy stomping.

Grunt_Buddy Every time I see this .gif when I come here I just get so mad and I have no idea why.
MineDown13 it's not letting me join. it takes for ever to log in then it says timed out.
MinaM56 What version is it?

Update #6

Lemo a
Lemo @ StompzCraft Main
posted May 9, 15

Hey stomperz

Short Announcement: All stomperz who have donated need to read this post -
click here

Also, Voting will be down for the time being, but is a top priority. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

KetchupKiller17 a Yes, master ...
rip in pepperoni
1 year since last mod blog.
That is old, sadly we won't have any PvP maps AND if we do then :)
Hey guys if you got to Jobs and scroll down to Talented Mc builder you can see'You will be expected to be able to build server spawns, PVP maps' YEs ikr PVP maps!?
I cri everi tim
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