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Beta testing time

Lemo a posted May 9, 15

Happy stomping.

Grunt_Buddy Every time I see this .gif when I come here I just get so mad and I have no idea why.
MineDown13 it's not letting me join. it takes for ever to log in then it says timed out.
MinaM56 What version is it?

Update #6

Lemo a posted May 9, 15

Hey stomperz

Short Announcement: All stomperz who have donated need to read this post -
click here

Also, Voting will be down for the time being, but is a top priority. We are sorry for the inconvenience. 

KetchupKiller17 a Yes, master ...

The big one. Update #5

Lemo a posted May 7, 15

Continuing onto Update #5, we’ll cover a number of topics ranging from the current state of StompzCraft, donations, and future goals. Hopefully I’ll clear up any misunderstandings and rumours, from the good to the bad.


First of all, sadly I have to announce that our community owner Treestompz is stepping down. This has personally been one of the hardest things he has had to do. Cutting it short, he has come to terms on his current situations in his life. Studies, family matters, and life in general, have made it difficult to spare the needed time for StompzCraft.


It is difficult to have to bring this news to you, but Tree has created such a loving community from the ground up. If it wasn’t for him, all of Stompz, including you and myself, would not have forged such amazing memories and friendships, either by building amazing kingdoms with our friends or just by spending some quality time in chat. Even after these 8 months of down time we still show how strongly we feel about our home, StompzCraft, via the forums, sharing our past times with new and old members. I’ve said it time and time again, StompzCraft and its community have really become more than a place to game, we’ve become a family and I hope you all agree. None of these amazing things would've happen, if our dear Tree didn’t work as hard as he did for all of us, so with as much respect thank you Tree, thank you for everything you have done for us.


Now what does that mean for StompzCraft?

I have had lengthy discussion with Tree on the topic of StompzCraft and where we go from here. It’s been agreed, and I am announcing the hand over and ownership of StompzCraft to myself (Lemo).

How will this effect StompzCraft?

Hopefully it shouldn’t effect StompzCraft at all. If you have had time or have read my previous post you noticed I announced StompzCraft hit a rocky road, sadly StompzCraft new world project went into a frozen state for a number of months. Though I have taking it upon myself to start the project back up, I’ve have built a team to help finalize the current state of StompzCraft, and have been working hard for the past month to bring some real content for the whole of the community.


The current status of the server?

Amazingly enough as I stated in the past post, we’re almost ready for beta. I’m looking to do a test run sometime Saturday 7:00am or later (EST). The server my not stay up after the test and may have to be pulled down right away, either for a few hours or for another week depending on the issues we’ll have. But the current goal is to keep it up for good for the long haul and keep updating it while everything is stable.


What about the future of StompzCraft?

So I have set a roadmap for StompzCraft, goals for us to achieve and new ideas to inspire amazing creations from the community. I’ll soon announce a public roadmap in an update that’ll cover from ideas we already use that will be put back into play, ranging from BuildComp to a new Towny End Game with future features added. The progress will be updated frequently on the roadmap page, along with announcements on the the main StompzCraft page.


What does this mean for donations and donation perks?

Many of you have come to notice some changes in the donation store, I’ve converted all our perks to a points system (named StompzPoints). Now what are these StompzPoints and how do I acquire them, StompzPoints will be the new way to purchase in game perks. Why we now have a point system, you’ll be able to obtain points not from just donating but by also voting. Just another way to give back to the community for all the help you have offered.


The bad news though, I am unable to continue the Stompz ingame currency via real money exchange. With the new world starting, I’ll be working on managing the economy in a way that it’ll be one of the key roles for the foundations of the server, with any advantage like a donation for Stompz could greatly affect the ecosystem that may inflate or deflate prices, ruining the enjoyment for new and old players. That being said, I know many of you have purchased large amounts of Stompz in old world and we truly appreciate the support you have offered. Personally for the server side benefit we start the server off on a clean slate, allowing everyone to start the game equally (reminder all donations are final). Though i would like to hear your opinions here.

*Added note: Yes you will keep your donation ranks


-Many Future Stompzing, Lemo

Again i’d like to thank my team, naming a few:
JesseWayne21, KennyBiscuits, Bobbin1000, Sarah, Tilly, Accident, AlexGD6 along with a number of others. If it wasn’t for all of you, we wouldn’t be where we are in such a short amount of time. And also to all the staff that have done wonders with the new world project beforehand.

MineDown13 And yes thank you Limo. i mean Lemo to take over ;) We really do appreciate someone stepping up and taking over. it must ...
MineDown13 It's really sad to hear that Tree is leaving. I've been with him for almost 3 years. And it's really hard to see him go ...
SinisterIIChaos Lemo shall be a great owner but we will never forget tree! And it's true, We really have become a family-like group. Goo ...
Also Mickey Moose, look to our left
whats the ip?
Are the stompz gadgets going to make a comeback?
It was towny
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