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We have enough people in TeamSpeak, so if you want to play you must get the IP from there ;)

If you need help, there is a guide here.

Please join the TeamSpeak server, you can click "Join Server" to the left of this post, or connect manually with the IP:

Server IP will be posted at 830PM.

Hey everyone!

Running a tad bit behind schedule, mainly because of a little new guy in my life called Kai! I have been babysitting this little guy all day and now that other people are home I can start focusing on today's first beta test of SkyblockWars.

Luckily, Kai is really cute and can distract you guys with his cuteness:

Keep looking at how cute he is! In the mean time I will be scrambling to get SkyblockWars in check. Sorry everyone!

HMHatsuneMiku Kai is gawjuss.
bbcrafter AWWWWW he is eating little minecraft people ...
MineDown13 Ur lucky you dont have cats -___________-
Heyo Stomperz!

I have 2 super exciting announcements!

First, the New World had it's groundbreaking today!!!

CHECK OUT THIS SUPER EXCITING FOOTAGE OF THE GROUNDBREAKING: not a ton of progress yet. But me and the staff team will be collaboratively working on it. Hopefully the staff take major interest! If we need help from our community we will be sure to reach out to you guys.

*We will also be updating Stompz soon. However we are still waiting on some plugins to update.

Beta testing the new network!

*Beta-testing schedule over next several days will be on this homepage ASAP. Keep an eye out! Read below for more details.

It's been quite a while since our last beta test session, and since then the team has made a lot of progress. Not just on some of the games you are familiar with, but a lot of infrastructure stuff that will be able to scale as the server grows when it finally soft-launches. (We also have a new mini-game we hope to show off :D)

Because I will be spending the next ~100 hours doing beta tests/bug-fixing, the beta-testing schedule and process will be much more organized than last time. The first beta-test session will be tomorrow. I have not yet decided on a time, but it will likely be anywhere from 6-8PM EST. There is a slight possibility I might do one early in the afternoon as well, but I am not sure yet. The notice will be short, but I will always try to provide a minimum of an hour's notice. If needed, I will also spam the alert on Stompz. 

Depending on what happens tomorrow (Wednesday,) I should be able to provide a more concrete schedule for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

I should also note that, to keep things more organized, when connecting to the beta-testing server, it will take you straight into the mini-game lobby. This will avoid a lot of confusion and make sure things stay organized. The player cap will also be locked to what the mini-game can handle. This means it could be as low as 16, or as high as something such as 64.

I hope that many of you come out and help me find bugs and issues with the games. I will try to make a good way to bug report/give suggestions. Please note I will be on TeamSpeak or Mumble (not sure which yet) during the event. If you can make it into the voice server, you are considered a preferred tester and will get a reserved spot (meaning people not in the voice server will be removed for you if needed.)

See you all over the next few days! More details coming super soon, stay alert!

Please post below if you are interested in beta-testing so I can gauge just how many people will be able to help us out! 

MinaM56 I'll help if I can!
randomness777 I only have TS aswell and ik most people do
atrain1118 I will try to be there if it hasnt started yet Please use ts because i dont have mumble:/ ...

Hey Stomperz!

Today I would like to introduce you to StompzGadgets: The new super fun way to support us!

So, what are StompzGadgets?

StompzGadgets are fun tools that you will be able to use on the StompzCraft server to not only make your gameplay more fun, but also more efficient. 

Allow me to introduce the first ever StompzGadget: CakeBow!

The CakeBow is undoubtedly the most fun way to travel across the StompzCraft world. When you shoot this special bow, it doesn't fire an arrow like you would expect. Instead, it launches a piece of cake - a piece of cake that you FLY on! It makes you feel like you are seeing the world fly by you through the eyes of an arrow.

Check out this short video demonstrating the CakeBow:

If you noticed, we are calling these StompzGadgets - that's plural! We want to constantly be adding new StompzGadgets based on your creative suggestions. StompzGadgets are being introduced because many of our very generous donators have been asking for something new to donate for for quite a while. (It's been many months since we introduced the "BuyStompz" page.)

As many of you know, we are working on a new massive server network project. It is a very expensive endeavor, but we are close to a soft launch (we did our first early beta test several weeks ago.) We have been working on new games as well as improving some of the ones you have already tried out, and we will doing more beta tests this month. We strongly appreciate any donations as they are all going straight to the funding of this project. As we come close to completion, the project is hitting its most expensive phase, but with your support, we will be able to do a soft launch this April. 

*And of course, we will be working on the New World. Please note, these StompzGadgets last FOREVER, just like ranks. In no condition will you EVER lose them, including world resets.

There will surely be bugs and issues as we introduce StompzGadgets, so be sure to let us know on the forums. I really hope people find these fun and will look forward to new ones being released :)

Once again, thank you for all the generous contributions thus far. I can't wait to get this new server network up and running for you guys.

Much love! :D

QOTP: Do you think the CakeBow is awesome?

MasterDimma Great idea treestompz (or who ever thought of this idea) i can see this being used by normal players to fly around stomp ...
Ftfvygrr You should make a cannon that shoots you super far in whatever direction your facing!
hankhammer1 how much will it cost? :0
I think people had bombs or theats
Nope what happened?
Anyone heard about what happened on the 1 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon...? :c
Wait, what is the date of the beta test?
any 1 on i need to report an incident that has accurd with a home of mine in the town im in
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