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It's time for the most wanted post we've all been talking about!

Creation Team

We have searched through all of the applications and pinpointed all of the characteristics of those posts.  We weighed each person’s strengths and weaknesses against Lemo’s plans for the future and picked the people who seemed most fit.  Sadly we could not choose everyone. We did indeed choose an extra person than was stated but that was due to the scope of what we wanted going in a few directions.  Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the listings:


Lore Writers:











Leading Manager: AccidentProneMan


Everybody who has been mentioned should join Discord and then enjin message Diamond or Lemo their Discord names.

For Americans: Due to time zone differences, everything will go through Accident, then to Diamond, then all the way to the ears of Lemo.

Now Discord

We have moved over from teamspeak to discord! The feedback from the last post was small but good enough to warrant our change. It’s all set up and ready for your lovely faces. Join [here].

And with everything that is planned in the future, creating a small team dedicated to working on the server is needed.  With this post we can get started on amazing things that have a chance to bring life to the server once again.

Can’t wait to work with ya. ~Diamond

[Mod] AccidentProneMan Yesh. Now you poor things have to listen to my voice in my goodly mic :L. Can't wait to work with you guys!
M4CHII I'm looking forward to it. Here's to hoping Stompz makes a full recovery!
[P] Clark_PRO Can't wait to see what you guys can do! :d

New things abound for Stompz!

Change is indeed happening! While you’ve all been away, we’ve been taking a wrench to the ol’ server and tweaking a few things around. Have a looksie:


First… Server Passwords!

Diamond has recently made a plugin of which will be the fix to the ‘sharing your account’ issues that ended up banning certain individuals.  This plugin is a secondary password that will only be used for this server. If you have a password, when you log on, you will be in a state where you cannot move or talk.  Therefore, people who get on your account with the sole intent to get you banned, cannot.  People have three attempts at inputting the correct password before they are temp banned for 5 minutes. After which, they can try again.  There are safety measures in place in-case you forget your password, so don’t worry.  This is just overprotection so you don’t get banned by other people’s work.


And Second… Discord!

Yes! Make all the MLP jokes you want! New forms of chatting have arisen, and Discord looks good. No limit on the amount of chats held, no need for reconfiguring your settings after every update, client and browser options, very straightforward sign-up and registration… Discord has it covered. Whether it be a small group session or a server-wide event chat, it’s got what we need and then some. Plus, the lack of having to update every time you launch it is actually pretty nice, too.


However, we’d like to see what you guys have to say.


At the end of the day, community is and will always be first and foremost for StompzCraft. We’ve used TS for quite a while now, and the password update is new. But again, let us know what you guys think. You guys play, so you ought to have a say.

See ya server-side! ~Accident


DarkenStrike Discord gets the job done in regards to player communication. There can be as many users in the server and there is no c...
TurtlezFTW Thanks. My brother got that alt banned .-. So annoying! Great Plugin! I'll never get my alt banned again! Yay!
Pingsterr @ StompzCraft Main
Discord has been a pretty great communicator in my experience, so that'll be exiting for sure.

Oh well that's new.

Lemo a posted Aug 14, 16

As you can see, I need you Stompz.

I'm changing up how our staff will be working, breaking them into two groups; Stompz Community Management, Stompz Creation Team.

What are these two groups?

Community management is our current staff team, their soul focus is just to manage chat and deal with the community as need (Their role really hasn't changed.)

Stompz Creation team, well this is where we things get fresh. This group will be formed by the following tags Plugin Developer, Builder and Lore Writer. With this new team it will allow us to start pushing out new content for stompzcraft alot quicker.

This is where Im needing you.
We will be recruiting via the forums the following positions:

Five places will be available. You'll have access to private area within the forums containing tasks that will need to be completed along with an area to place you own imput on up and coming changes. Must take in consideration that there may be deadlines on some projects.

Lore writer

Two places will be available. With the new up and coming changes in some areas of Stompzcraft, we'll be in need of writers. They may be writing stories and history for dungeons and cities, or (hint) writing lore about custom NPC's such as monsters and villagers.


TurtlezFTW I like how Lemo made this thread and it has Uncle Sam in it :3 But he's Aussie! MURICA 4 LYFE
randomness777 I hope to see progress in this server! We need something to get this server back on track! :)
Pingsterr @ StompzCraft Main
Make, Stompzcraft, Great, again. *Cheering*
keemstar blows. he's a punk
LeafyIsHere < Cancer
Keemstar < LeafyIsHere
I too remember that many people playing at once. Everyone just left and if they came back they're surprised to see the server still up.
@Tshask235 the map has been around since mid may 2015
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