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Hey Stomperz,

The server is back up and running, and it looks like all the towny data was salvaged.  So feel free to get back online, check on everything, and start playing again.  Please let us know if you come across any issues that occurred during the downtime.

As for rumors of the new world reset, please keep in mind anything you don't see here, or hear from treestompz or an Admin directly is exactly that, a rumor.  The new world spawn is still being built and plugins are being configured every day.

But like all major version updates, we will be waiting for the plugin api, bukkit, to update before we update the server.  The more changes to Minecraft in a version update, the longer the wait usually is.

So keep an eye on the homepage for any updates regarding Stompz and the new world, and as always, thanks for reading.

novasetora <3 u all
spelunker12 I don't know if this was intended or not, but now, every time you die, you lose $1.
coyscott Thanks AGAIN for fixing the server, Stompz team! I really appreciate all the hard work you guys put into making it fun f ...
Hey Stomperz!

I know it has been a long wait, and I want to thank everyone for being patient.  It's been a crazy month for a few of us, but the results are finally in!

I will not be listing the prizes just yet, since they will be distributed after the new world is released, and we have not finalized the exact rewards yet.

Here we go!

In first place, on Plot 5, we have AccidentProneMan with some amazing scenes from Peter Pan.

In second place, on Plot 18, we have Okachoobe displaying scenes from several fairy tales all over.

And last but not least, 3rd place goes to firesarah62, on Plot 17.  This larger than life Beauty and the Beast display is a must see.

There was so much more to see this month.  Everyone who participated did an amazing job with the theme.  I was super impressed with the creativity many of you displayed.

But that brings our Building Competitions on this world to an end.

Thank you everyone who has joined me in this wonderful showcase of building skills. We will see you all again a few months after the New World is released.

Thanks for reading!
Sonia_Krill Congratulations to everyone !
Gromit1801 Congratulations to Accident, Sarah and King 'o Ants I am wondering though how the heck my dragon didn't make it in... ...
[Mod] AccidentProneMan Congrats to Oka and Firesarah, and everyone that participated! Also, don't forget to use the portal in the back of my pl ...
Hello Stomperz!

Quick post with some quick updates!

We will be doing a beta test for the minigame network at 10-1030PM EST tonight, Saturday, July 19th! Please join the TeamSpeak! :)

Nipsy, the beautiful being he is, is running another event, check it out HERE!

Aaaaaaaaand there are some exciting New world plans after a 5-man admin conference. Secrets for now ;o!

Happy Saturday!

MineDown13 I agree with random. i would have been there but i didnt get time to look at this and now i missed it. For future refere ...
randomness777 Kinda wish this could be posted earlier... by that I mean not on the same day... ...
[M] schuyler01 Can't wait for the Beta Test. It's gonna be fun
Hey Clarky!
Hey guys! :D
Greetings minions!!!
It's cuz we are catching wind of u smelly ole flyingpancake :( JK love u! <3
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