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New World Screenshots

treestompz a posted Nov 30, 14
Hi all,

After much delay due to my own incompetency, I have finally assembled screenshots from the new world. All this building work has been done by Bobbin1000 and it is nothing short of amazing. Enjoy the very first screenshots!

Not everything is 100% complete, but it is dang near close! This is our most ambitious and impressive world yet, all thanks to Bobbin. He is doing this for YOU guys, not me, or anyone else. He is doing it for the players.


Center of Spawn!

Attached to the spawn floating island will be smaller islands with room for portals to the best 8 towns in the server. Competition will be tough, ensuring only the best towns get featured to new players!

Market Hub!

The front

Amazing architecture!

Lots of places to shop!

Back of Market Hub

Inside! "S!"

Game Hub!!!

Spleef making a return?!?!

Mini Golf!


Build Hub! :D :D

such sand, much wow

A very cool, secretive section of BuildHub

Where is Portal Hub!?!?

There is beauty underneath!


Stairways up!

Bridge :D

There are groups of portals around the hub. Instead of just being portals everywhere, you can tell a player your portal is at a specific landmark, such as the temple-like structure pictured here.

Amazing scenery surrounding our lovely spawn!

For anyone that made it down here....I want to apologize (again.) This crap, pathetic apology doesn't deserve to be at the top. I want to say sorry for being a complete jerk the last month. Especially to Bobbin. I like to think in real life I am not a selfish and hurtful a-hole, but I forgot what I left online. I think the reason so many people liked Stompz indirectly or even directly was because I cared so much about it. For a couple years it was my life, I gave it all my energy and focus. It made Stompz great and that is exactly what you guys deserved. Today, you still deserve that and I haven't been doing anything that I should be. I don't know what to say right now. All I can say is I am still alive and that Bobbin is an amazing person for continuing to build you guys an amazing world despite my actions. 

I hope these pictures at least assured you guys the world DOES look amazing. I did promise you guys it will be up and running, and I will keep that. 

- treestompz

Leave your thoughts below on the New World!

UndeadLuigi225 This looks actually so good, I cannot wait till stompz is back. But a rough release date would be nice. So worth the wai ...
MrSwag22 I am so excited that stompz is back i havnt played on any servers since stompz closed so iv been waiting and training to ...
SpazTickMind Doesn't look like anyone wants to answer, But Why isn't the server up yet? Some of the 1.8 servers have their plugins fi ...


treestompz a posted Oct 29, 14
Hello Stomperz!

After so many delays, we have finally got the new world build server back up and running. This means that you can expect a post to come with some secret sceenshots of the new world. (And also that progress is back at a fast pace!)

For those of you interested, the reason for the delays was an error on the fault of the hosting company. We needed a missing piece of data for the new world server, but couldn't obtain it because of their lackluster customer support. After about 9 days and then 4 hours on the phone with them today, it is finally back up and running.

I know it's been a rough month, but this new world is the best looking one we have ever had.

More to come soon!

MrSwag22 Do we have any updates? I want to play so bad. I check for updates every day.
Python888 I am going to quit very very soon if we dont have a server by Christmas. My patience has been TERMINATED.
SpazTickMind Is there not even a temporary server map? im getting worried I may get tired of Minecraft all together. who we kidding t ...

Quick Update

treestompz a posted Oct 20, 14
Hey Stomperz,

Sorry for the delays. There was a couple errors with our build server but they are almost finally resolved. New world building will continue within the next couple days and following will be the new world update post with pics. So sorry for the delays everyone - nothing is working out right now but please keep your faith!

- treestompz
AIZombie Teach is displeased.
EnderCreeper397 The Excitement is real
CheddaFry918 Can't wait for stompz to be back up keep at it tree.
Could we perhaps open up the teamspeak before the actual server you think? I tried accessing it the other day and wouldn't let me in. I figure that it's down.
hiya batman
Wow, I haven't seen you for so long Batmantbc!
Hey Batman... Do you remember me? Its been a while
dang, i just realized how much i miss/love Stompzcraft... i've been to so many servers but this is 100% the best i've been to =)
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