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Narly New Voting System!

By treestompz a - Posted Jun 22, 12
Aloha Stomperz!                                                

The NARRRLLY new voting system is now up and running!

So, what is new?

When voting you no longer only get 10 diamonds, but:
  • 10 diamonds
  • 300 Stompz
  • 200 EXP

Pretty narly if I say so myself!

Also, when you vote the entire server will be notified that you support the server, see here:


Yes, we are giving you an incentive to vote because it is soooo important. We ask that you vote everyday to support StompzCraft <3 It takes under a minute and works wonders for our server.

Thanks all, enjoy the new voting system <3!


Thoughts on new voting system?

I see some shenanigans going down in the shop here...
Though I did master my port forwarding skills. :)
I am happy enough to have mine port forwarded so my friends can play. I gave up after the first few things I had to configure and said it's good enough.
@DiamondExplorer I have, it does take hours to get all the plugins working correctly. I just made my server just for fun, just on localhost
And hi ktm :) :)
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