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Narly New Voting System!

By treestompz a - Posted Jun 22, 12
Aloha Stomperz!                                                

The NARRRLLY new voting system is now up and running!

So, what is new?

When voting you no longer only get 10 diamonds, but:
  • 10 diamonds
  • 300 Stompz
  • 200 EXP

Pretty narly if I say so myself!

Also, when you vote the entire server will be notified that you support the server, see here:


Yes, we are giving you an incentive to vote because it is soooo important. We ask that you vote everyday to support StompzCraft <3 It takes under a minute and works wonders for our server.

Thanks all, enjoy the new voting system <3!


Thoughts on new voting system?

Sup kids.
Thank you imaustinfrom94 for adding 7 ultimate days to the website.
Pfft... The inactive website was just because it needed a renewal, this shows the nonbelievers that the server is actually being watched over. We will never let Stompz die.
It doesn't seem possible that you could be banned even though the server isn't up, but if you have something saying you are then that's a bit interesting.
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