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Heyo Stomperz!

As part of our continued effort to have the most loving community in the universe, this Friday we will be hosting a Halo 3 Gaming Sesh for all the Stomperz!

The Biweekly StompzCraft Gaming Sesh, or BSGS, is something I hope to have every other Friday, starting this Friday. I am planning to record the event and edit it into a short montage so people who couldn't make it can see all our fun :P

This week's BSGS will be centered around Halo 3, the popular Xbox 360-exclusive title. I know not everyone will have Halo 3, but it is the perfect game (and my favorite) to host a party! If you don't have Halo 3, sorry!

I plan to run fun custom games such as Infection, Capture the Flag, race maps, and other mini-games! The goal is to get a big party, because with only a few people, it won't be very fun or much worth it.

I know this is on short notice, but if you plan on being free

come play with us!

I hope we can get a lot of the Stomperz to come out and play as I am afraid we might not have many Stomperz. Please come out if you can, if the first BSGS goes well we will be sure to have many more (with different video-games too!)

How to Sign-Up:

1) Post a comment below saying you are pretty sure you can make it
2) Add "treestompz" on Xbox Live, if my list is full just message me
3) Show up this Friday, my session will be open and I will announce when we start gaming!

I also may livestream the event, not 100% sure yet, but I will keep you posted ^_^

To be perfectly honest, I don't know how this will go, we may end up having a blast or only having a few people! Please try to make it everyone! I can guarantee tons of laughs in voice-chat if we can get a big group :D!

Thanks, and sorry if this post is a bit wonky, it's almost 2AM and I wanted to get this up ASAP!

Hope to pwn all you noobs,
Comment below:

In fact he has been on recently and is not ignoring the community.
Obviously you didn't actually think what you would do in his position or else you wouldn't be thinking it was that easy to post a post on the home screen!! Tree is probably doing the best he can without people like you trying to bring him down!!
He did indeed post an OFFICIAL post two weeks after the last post here but it didn't properly encode. It takes more than 10 seconds!!! Cut tree some slack if you care about Stompzcraft at all!!!
If i were in his position, i would at least post once a week, it only takes 10 secs... the last thing i would do is ignore all the stompz community. its been 2 months now since the last OFFICAL post were he promised a new update that next week
Think, what you would do if you were in his situation, then comment. Just keep calm and wait. Things will happen in time. Eventually we will all have what we want.
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