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Update - Mojang's Fault

By treestompz a - Posted Jul 15, 12
Hello Stomperz

Many of you are probably confused, misinformed, or lack an understanding of what happened. (Looking in the forums will give you information that isn't true.)

What happened is 110% Mojang's fault. Can't say I am surprised, there game is too good for their company. Here is Mojang's super-professional post! (This affected ALL Minecrat users! If no one logged into your account, it is probably because you don't own a server ;) )

My account was not hacked-Mojang was. People figured out a way to spoof (fake) authorization to the Minecraft login servers. Someone took advantage of this and faked the server to think the person that logged-in was me. It wasn't, anything "I" said in the server in the past 24 hours was NOT me. Thanks, Mojang!

The spawn was WorldEdit'd, but not severely. I don't know about the rest of the world but I am sure you were all killed. To be honest, I hope you were all killed rather than losing your builds.

If you lost your inventory, feel very lucky! If a build you made was destroyed please tell me in the comments with coordinates (if possible,) the town it is in, or anything else.

If you are angry, go yell at Mojang, again, it is completely their fault.

I am not sure when you can expect the server to be back up but it SHOULD be up within 10 hours or less (I hope.)

After something like this we might want to consider a new world when 1.3 releases.

I barely remember Mex, partly because I was only on for his last month or so of being active and also because that was when I didn't really pay much attention to chat because I was a silly little nooblet
Tru dat, Mexican was the first one i met :)
Seconded Minedown. And then there's the superduper old mods who I haven't seen in forever too.
Pepsi101, Musicman3000, Lemo, Minno, 8BitLegendz, there very old stompzcraft mods that i know and have played with :) miss you guys :d
im happy when these guys are still staff.......
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