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Explaning to doooooo

By treestompz a - Posted Jul 19, 12
Hi Stomperz

Sorry for all the problems with the server, I have been on vacation and still am. I will be back late tomorrow so things will be smooth from there.

I know things seem a bit rough now, but The Plan is still underway and time is the only thing in our way. The server may be a bit bumpy wumpy until then. When I get home I will make a post about some things we have to think about as a community.

See you guys soon,

It is possible to manage school and minecraft. I do it plus i play football and baseball.
i've joined another server and like it very much, but stompz will always be in my heart
I've made same big builds on another server, and even if stompz opens again, i don't think i will play it as my main server. Next to that, on treestompz profile: "Last seen Jan 7, 15", hes probly not even looking here.
It is true that we lose players everyday its down and everyday theres no update, Thats just a fact. But speaking for myself, I havent given up hope
it's been to long when it opens up well if it opens up i wll play the server.
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