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Explaning to doooooo

By treestompz a - Posted Jul 19, 12
Hi Stomperz

Sorry for all the problems with the server, I have been on vacation and still am. I will be back late tomorrow so things will be smooth from there.

I know things seem a bit rough now, but The Plan is still underway and time is the only thing in our way. The server may be a bit bumpy wumpy until then. When I get home I will make a post about some things we have to think about as a community.

See you guys soon,

im saying this out of concern... is there an estimate on when the server will be up?
I call dibs on joining the server first! :)
Such a shame. I was wondering why I couldn't get into the server...
Log on, Check, Log off. Not much more I can do! lol!
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