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Explaning to doooooo

By treestompz a - Posted Jul 19, 12
Hi Stomperz

Sorry for all the problems with the server, I have been on vacation and still am. I will be back late tomorrow so things will be smooth from there.

I know things seem a bit rough now, but The Plan is still underway and time is the only thing in our way. The server may be a bit bumpy wumpy until then. When I get home I will make a post about some things we have to think about as a community.

See you guys soon,

Yeah hey everyone i remember all of you ;)
[link] Prussia town website! Check it out! Pls leave comments on how u think u can better the town and website. thx and cya soon on Stompzcraft!!
how long do we have to wait?
Could we perhaps open up the teamspeak before the actual server you think? I tried accessing it the other day and wouldn't let me in. I figure that it's down.
You do not have access to shout