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Introducing: The Mod Blog!

By treestompz a - Posted Aug 8, 12

Introducing: The Mod Blog (TMB)

Hello Stomperz!

Today I created what I dub "The Mod Blog." What is TMB? TMB is a place where the highly certified trained professionals executive officers (Mods) can make their own posts! As time goes on it will form into something solid I am sure, but things I would like to see Mods blog about are: updates, addressing server issues, and anything related to the server. I think it will be fun to see how the Mods work together and provide a secondary source for server news! Let's see what happens!

I am sure Mods will start writing posts soon :)

C'yall over there,

*DISCLAIMER: StompzCraft, and all its members and other Staff do not reflect similar opinions, ideas, or feelings as a single Moderator does.

QOTP: How do you feel about this? Will you enjoy reading secondary source content from DA Mods?
Sorry guys for taking up a page and a quarter of the shoutbox, and thank you for your time. I hope you think on this well before you decide to respond with something as mediocre as "argument invalid" Roy.
This is not an undefendable position and I intend to protect my view to the end. I won't go down without a fight. If you want the server to be up so bad, maybe you should have been on before tree decided to take it down due to people not being on.
The fact that people want to get on now more than ever only bring a laugh to the thought. People probably wouldn't be wanting it the same if the server continued to be up in the first place.
Perhaps you only comprehend half of what I am trying to explain and in turn believe that I am waiting my time. I respect tree and his decisions, he had closed the server due to having to pay for a server that wasn't being used.
Tree gets on the website every other week. As for the server, nobody knows except him. If he wanted to make a post, wouldn't you have thought he had done it by now? As for my arguments, they are not invalid.
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