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Before we get start!!!

Lemo a posted Dec 22, 17

Hello Stomperz, the time is near but there are a few things to cover.


Since we’re trying to obtain as many testers as possible, we’ll be changing up whitelisting. Everyone will be able to apply for whitelisting through the discord channel #StompzBeta_Whitelisting. All you need to do is drop your Ingame name in the channel with correct spelling.


For anyone that has applied to make a town or has applied for a town will be automatically added to the whitelist. We’re sorry for the inconvenience but deeply appreciate the interest and support you’ve shown for stompz.


Click the image:


So in the light of all the exciting things we have planned for the future, there is one more feature we want to surprise you with. Now before we get into it, yes, we understand how big of a change this will be from the normal Stompz feel, but we assure you that it will be a key step in bringing Stompz back on top, and truly bringing us back to our roots of the old old Stompz.


Some of you may have figured it out by now, but yes, we plan to add PvP into the main world of Stompzcraft! Now we understand the concerns many of you are going to have, and as always we are 100% transparent and open to community feedback, so please do share with us what you think!


To help clear up some air, we’ve put together a list of pro’s and con’s that implementing PvP will have on the community, and how this will change how you play. So then, let’s see what we got!



  • The current Towny player base across Minecraft is decreasing, but still has a strong following and dedication. PvP is extremely popular among that community, and adding it will attract many of the players, and bring them to our humble Stompz home.
  • This will create a more immersive experience, and bring back the feeling of Vanilla minecraft with a twist that was so popular back in Towny golden age
  • Some of you may remember back in the really old days of Stompzcraft’s infancy, we had PvP enabled in the main world. This was the time that Stompzcraft was at it’s highest peak, and we’d really be going back to our roots
  • It will allow you to have all those little brawls that you always wanted to - but never could with your friends!
  • It will encourage cooperation between friends, stay alive together, adventure!
  • It will give the Towny gamemode more depth, and a feeling of more realism, as well as encourage kingdoms to compete and rise to prominence


  • Taking the last point and flipping it, yes, it will feel a bit more competitive with PvP, but we are working to do everything we can to limit that
  • Possible loss of items - but then again, who hasn’t died a million times forgetting to turn fly on ;)
  • Trollers - Oh the infamous kill trolling. Discussions are up now about how we will limit this, and we can assure you we won’t turn a blind eye to this one
  • Fights over resources - We highly doubt with how close our current community is that this would be a problem, but it’s always a possibility
  • Change - Change is good, however we realize and accept that this will make Stompz feel different than what many of you are used to

Look forward to another home page post about the current state of the of closed beta, right after the release.

we're so tired....

The big one!!

Lemo a posted Dec 15, 17

So, let’s get this thing rolling shall we?

First off, let's talk about the elephant in the room. Will we ever see the stompz reset this year?


The answer to that question is a solid YES. We plan to run a closed beta starting the 23rd of December over the course of two weeks.


Why a closed beta, and how can I join?


Well, we have a number of custom plugins in our arsenal that we'd like to playtest on you guys. (You'll see what these are as you play.) So, to make it worth your time, we want to host an event/competition of sorts.

Next up, in order to join the closed beta you either have to establish a town via a Town Creation post that you can create on the forums, or apply to one of the towns that have been established. Town Creation/Recruitment threads will be locatedHere


You might be wondering whether there are any acceptance requirements at this point, and the answer to that is yes.

Simply put, towns must have a minimum of four members.

That's it. Simple, convenient, easy to understand. Gotta love simple sentences am i right?



What does this Closed beta event entail?


After the end of the Open Beta (The closed beta will end after two weeks), a hand-picked number of staff members will review each and every town that you guys have founded on Stompz and award them based upon a predetermined criteria. The top three will be gifted ten thousand stompz each which should provide you with a considerable head start in the new world. And that's not all folks, they'll also be rewarded with a space in Portal Hub. A good old, established portal space.

What is an established portal you ask?

Well, these are special plots of land around the entrance of our spawn’s Portal Hub that have very high requirements to purchase, such as an X amount of residents, an X number of plots owned, and a notable amount of effort put into them. In addition, they cost quite a lot of Stompz to own.


So how do you make it into the top three?

Ha, bet you thought I forgot this. Here’s that predetermined criteria I was on about earlier:

  • How many residents you’ve recruited
  • How much money your town has made
  • How many chunks your town has claimed
  • And finally, how your town looks.

Next up, we'd like to share the plans that we've been working from to date. After the numerous hiccups we’ve had-trying to work on past projects and what not-and the many meetings we held, we’ve figured out that we took on projects that were just a little too much for us to handle in our current situation.


So here's what we’ve figured, we need to shift our focus back to Stompz itself. Focusing all our ideas and implementing them into the Stompz main world is now our main priority.


Well, here it is. The #makestompzcraftgreatagain RoadMap.




  • PLUGIN STABILITY CHECK (plugin installation underway)
  • ECONOMY OVERHAUL (Currently W.I.P)
  • CLOSED BETA  (Estimated release 23rd of December)
  • OPEN BETA (Two weeks after Closed Beta)
  • BUILD COMP 2018 (To be announced)


This post would be far too long to do an in depth, detailed break down of each point, so the next post you guys will be seeing here will focus on just that.


And that's a wrap folks! Thanks for reading guys, and have a great night!

-Stompzcraft Team

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 Hey guys, Firstly I'd like to apologise to you. The community of Stompz.


For quite a number of months, we have left Stompzcraft in the dark, with promises of great and grand things in the making yet all of which never came about.


 I believe this left a negative impact on you and expectations of the future of Stompz, and maybe even a thought of if it’s worth sticking around to find out. I don’t want to come to you guys with a sob story, mentioning the many excuses I could use to cover up my failings. Even those just wouldn’t excuse me allowing the server to become so empty, without any new content for you the players to enjoy.


 Again, I’m deeply ashamed and would like to apologise - as much as it is possible for a man to apologise - for my many shortcomings. -Lemo

With that said, in this announcement I'd like to try and give this whole thing another go. I'd like to try bring your hope back for the future of StompzCraft.

 So it would be my great pleasure to announceThe StompzCraft Revival.  

But Lemo” I hear you call, “What does this mean for stompz?


And it would be my pleasure to tell you in a conveniently styled list format.


  1. Sadly, we’re announcing the reset of the StompzCraft main world. There’s been a number of rumours and whispers going about, but we at Stompzcraft would like to make it official. Yes you heard right folks, a reset is inbound. When will this be happening? All things considered, our current plan is to give a larger announcement on the 15th of December detailing more on the reset itself.


  1. Next up, on that fateful 15th of December announcement we’ll

also be announcing StompzCraft’s official roadmap that will detail the features we’ll be working on and plan to integrate. For instance, I'm glad to tell you that one of those features that I'd love to show you is an Economy overhaul. We aim to put the fun back into styling yourself into a digital millionaire. Yes that's right, NO MORE NEED for endlessly killing mobs in a spawner. Mobs have families too you know.

  1. And of course, last but not least, new and improved server and tutorial island spawns with the help of many members of our beautiful staff team. We wouldn't have made it this far without them.


Naturally, this post has probably created more questions than it's answered, but fear not my lovelies! I plan to answer all said questions on the good ol’ 15th of December.


Thanks for reading you guys! I hope we've managed to alleviate some of your fears.

-Stompzcraft Team

PST! Hey, shh don't let anyone know you've seen this. It's a secret. Here’s a sneak peak of our top secret code black projects in the works:

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