[1.5.2] MobDisguise Client Mod
Posted 8/7/12
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The #1 complaint about MobDisguise DisguiseCraft is that it doesn't have any visual effect on your own character. This is because there's no way for the server to tell your client to change your model...

...but with a little modding magic, anything is possible.

• Changes the renderer for the player model locally, visible in both inventory and third-person.
• Maps player entity properties to a disguised entity to get 1-to-1 animation (or as close to it as possible).
• Changes the viewpoint based on the entity's eye level.
• Includes mob variants supported by DisguiseCraft.

I haven't looked into pulling mobdisguise data from the server, so for now you have to set the disguises through my interface if you want to get the effect. By default, the Client MD menu is mapped to [ (left bracket), but you can change this in key bindings. Open the menu, select a disguise, and -presto!- it will change your model/texture locally while sending a command to the server to do the same. Once a disguise is selected, the subtypes menu (the bottom button) will populate with all available modifiers. NOTE: Client-side changes may not reflect what occurs server-side, especially if you are missing permissions.

What I need to know:
What mods do you need this to be compatible with?
Are there any pressing bugs that need to be addressed?

-Just a quick update to 1.5.2
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Install ModLoader, then standard Optifine, then my mod, in that order.

Get ModLoader first!

Get Optifine!

Download MobDisguise Client Mod v0.2.3

If you're having trouble installing, I highly recommend MCPatcher.

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Posted 8/7/12
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il test it :)
Posted 8/7/12
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WOAH....... future graphics.......... "brain explodes"
Posted 8/7/12
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I will test it
Posted 8/7/12
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First alpha available. Main post updated.
Posted 8/7/12
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nicely done, will have to give it a try
Posted 8/7/12
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Nice man!
Posted 9/7/12
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Alpha 0.0.2 released, main post updated.

Alpha 0.0.2
-Fixed JRE 1.5 compatibility
-New interface for selecting mob types: text input
-Player diguises fully supported!
-Added a few mob types, still a bunch to go
-Selecting a disguise will send a /md command to the server automatically
-Opening the GUI should be more polite about not closing other things
Posted 10/7/12
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Alpha 0.0.3
-New method for adjusting player viewpoint (no longer touches the player entity!)
-Incidentally, this fixes SMP inconsistencies and "Illegal Stance" bugs
-Pressing enter will input text in the GUI (no longer have to hit Done)
-Undisguising sends "/md" to the server now

Coming soon: the rest of the mobs, and /md baby equivalents
Posted 13/7/12
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Alpha 0.0.4
-Added all mobs except enderdragon, ghast, and spiderjockey, because they're going to be a pain.
-Added support for rendering baby mobs (currently you have to hit the mob button and type "baby")
-Fixed hit detection versus other entities
-Performs hit detection versus entities from the regular perspective. Sorry if this makes it harder to hit things while disguised, but this is important to prevent exploiting of the mod (and prevent the mod from becoming an exploit!)