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Guess who's back, back again, SMU's back, tell a friend

         Ahh! Don't you smeel it? The great vacationing is upon us yet again! So what better way to enjoy that summer sun (or winter cool, for you Aussies and other hombres south)... than to scurry right back inside to the nearest PC and play some good ol' StompzCraft! And what a glorious time to be a part of our growing, reviving community! SO. Let's get started, with...

         A congratulations! Meet Elimarand and Fredrowlovely  builder/play-tester duo and our newest moderators! I have the upmost confidence these two will serve the community well with their amazing creativity and dedication. Come say hello!


  • Building Materials make a stunning debut, as Sandstone tops our buying trend with over 1,700 units!
  • Red Bricks reign as the best profit boon, swelling to over 4,400 UNITS. Good lord.
  • Produce finally on an upward trend, with each shop reaching full quota!
  • Meat and Lumber tick upwards!; Gems/Minerals in a surprising wane...


         And boy what an update this is. As of now, all adminshop stock will be on a revolving reload. Every 12 hours, the stock for the shops will reset, giving folks more opportunities to buy & sell on a daily basis. As such, prices will be adjusted, but let's just say these markets are gonna be... booming. So long, repetitive mob-grinding! Hello sweet, sweet venture capitalism. 

         But do not fret, dear citizens! Our darling [Devmin] DiamondExplorer5 is underway with a video & text tutorial to explain all the complicated workings of the adminshops (these will be posted to the website); there should be an in-game tutorial as well, soon enough.

         The long-awaited Pets shops are finally here! Head on down to the newly-renovated Farmer & Sons' Feed & Stock and check 'em all out!

         EMERGENCY REMINDER: Player-owned shops are currently shut down at the moment due to an oversight when implementing the plug-in, causing latency and connection issues. [Dev] Abs0rbed is reworking the system from the ground-up; ETA is expected some time this weekend. We will be sure to keep you guys updated.

Market Terms:

n.: a period of sustained increases in the prices of stocks, bonds or indexes.

         As always, be sure to stayed tuned for next month's Economy Report for all the latest updates, notices and more. Heaven knows I will.

First off, a very special... and incredibly important update:

         This is a graph of the voting sites we're currently connected to. If you look at that drop-off around September of last year... we were basically dead. Kaput. Done. No one was here. But now, nine months later... it's finally happening, guys. All of this work is finally paying off. We're coming back. Yeah, there was a slight drop, but we're way better off now than we were before. I know I've kept saying "great things are coming" and "we're working on it", but now... there it is. There's the proof.

         And, my god... the things we got in store for you guys. I can't even begin to say all the things we got in the works. All of the plug-ins being updated, all of the features being added (one I'm sure [TechSupport] JesseWayne21 will be happy to explain), all of the reworking and rebuilding in-game going on right now... it's too much. Like, look at this:

         This is Desert 2. It was just a buncha shoddy tents I threw together not too long ago... now look at it. This is only a smidgen- a crumb- of the stuff we got in the works. If I were you, I'd definitely stick around this summer/winter, because things are gonna get wild.

         Ooo... y'all thought we forgot, huh? As we've stated a few SMUs (or posts in general... I forget) ago, we were gonna keep an eye on our towns and see how they develop; best examples will be guaranteed an Established Town Portal spot in the PortalHub @ Spawn. Well, that time has finally come...

         Congratulations to Eagles Landing (mayor: [Helper] ST3V3P), Viridis City (mayor: randomness777) and Duke City (mayor: Ladyroguemelody)! Be sure to contact any available Admin, server builder, [Owner] Lemo or myself so we can get squared away with your new Established portal plots!

sorry Pings

         Speaking of new things, we also got a bunch of new towns to introduce! Say hello to Roanoke (mayor: KirinLight), Santos City (mayor: dawson667) and Puddletown (mayor: [Mod] Dinosmore)! I wish you all the best of luck in your new endeavors!

(pictured: Puddletown's pretty, puffy, pink flamingo. It sqwawked at me.)


(pictured: Eliestate, as seen from above)

         So I've already expressed what a pleasure it is to have this classy, sassy lady [Mod] Eli on our server, yes? Like yo, she's a great builder- wicked good. Puts my stuff to shame. And she does it all so fast, too!  Built Desert 2, built all of the other BuildHub renovations, still building more of them and TONS of other things... and what better example to show her prowess than in her own residence, Eliestate.

         Located on the edge of Duke City and skirting the Great StompzCraft Road, her house is a sight to behold for weary travellers' eyes. 'Tis a grand estate indeed... and unfortunately, Eli left her front door open so I weasled on in for an impromptu MTV Cribs tour.

(pictured: Eliestate's front entrance)

(pictured: main walkway flanked by (left to right) the Outpost and Chapple)

(pictured: the Chapple's interior)

(pictured: (right to left) the Main Estate and Stables)

(pictured: 1st floor kitchen with all the fixin's)

(pictured: 2nd floor living quarters set to a lovely afternoon)

(pictured: the Chapple at evening)

         I cannot wait to see what crazy things [Mod] Eli comes up with next... actually, I know some of the crazy things she's up to, so I can't wait for you guys to see what's around the bend! Y'all don't be strangers now, yuh hear?

(pictured: it reads "Adventure awaits..."... cuz shaders. Yeah.)

         Ohsomanythingstosay. *Ahem*... there's just so much we got going on right now. So, so much. This is just the "short list" of things we got in store:

Reworked, Redone & New Plug-Ins

A "Proper" Tutorial Area

New BuildHub Biomes

New Perks & Abilities

New Items

New Promotions

New Events

Completely Original Works

And Much



         ... and that's just the stuff I get to say vaguely. I implore you, stick around this summer... you're in for a treat. This has been yet another StompzCraft Monthly Update... with many more to come. See ya server-side.


Moderator/Totally Didn't Just Commit A "Breaking and Entering"


Moderator/Guy We Blame Everything For Including The "Breaking and Entering" Bit. HIS FAULT


Ultimate Donator/Graph Provider

[Mod] Fredrow Thank-you for the warm welcome, I hope to meet you all in game sometime. :-)
Spettro24 Hey guys these updates are the bomb. Great idea I'd say. I didn't know so much stuff was really going on with ...
randomness777 These updates are much appreciated! It really keeps me hopeful about this server. Keep of the good work stompz team! :)



Regarding Certain Ugrency!

Our beloved StompzCraft's IP, just recently, has changed to Be certain to edit your server settings next time you log in.

You may resume your normal programming/mob-grinding.

TechieCrow Why the change?

(That's "spring cleaning" in German btw, according to Google Translate)

(pictured: Spawn, in its unspoiled glory)

         To be honest, I've left things a bit unkept and "dated" on my end, so as we rumble on in to this Monthly Update, a bit of "spring cleaning has been partook. As this unrelenting march of holidays comes to an end, we return Spawn back to its unthemed, StompzCraft-y roots. For now...


  • Gold making a very strong showing for this month, nearly doubling in profit!
  • Coal doing surprising well!; Diamond lagging behind...
  • Wheat showing yet another strong performance; Definite bumper crop!
  • Stagnation prevalent in other markets. Stand by for adjustments...


         Arbor Co. Lumber & Supply is set to open! Be on the lookout for Lumber-oriented wares, as they get shoppin'-n'-choppin' in the MarketHub!

         Building Materials have finally arrived! Check out the newly revamped Village Food & Storage as they finally open their second floor to the public!

Market Terms:

n.: a market in which share prices are rising, encouraging buying.


         Be sure to stay tuned for next month's Economy Report for all the latest updates, and say a hearty hello to our new markets!


         It's been a slow month in terms of major town developments and store operations, so I've decided to go exploring around our lovely server to find some nifty builds.

(pictured, Eagles Landing "Waterfall" outpost, by Noire_R)

         Eagles Landing has been progressing quite nicely in its expansion, as its residents slowly settle into their newfound homes.

(pictured, DigitalNova's residence, Eagles Landing)


Noctus Isle

(pictured, Noctus Isle bird's-eye view)

         Now, should I catch wind of any builds or you guys throw suggestions at me, I will most definitely check them out, and this lovely settlement constructed by Star_Ender is a shining example of such discoveries. Now normally, I find the "stave church"-style done to death in a majority of Minecraft realms and builds, but they make it work in this quaint, tranquil setting. In fact, it works surprisingly well, and I gotta commend them for the beautiful work they've done here. While it's by no means a technical or complicated masterpiece, it just shows what a few well-thought blocks and angles can do to make wonders out of the ordinary. And the almighty power of shaders.

(pictured, Noctus Isle throughout the day)

Star_Ender, we salute you.


         And unfortunately, that about wraps out the Monthly Report! Be sure to tune in next time to see what other sorts of activities and happenings we get ourselves up to, and if you ever get any ideas or suggestions, let any of the staff know; we'd greatly appreciate it. Happy stompin', y'all. ;)



Moderator/Apparent House Maid

         Ah. Nearly forgot. I’ve heard of some… things, going on behind the scenes. Yeah, I know, you’ve all probably heard of these things before, but lemme tell ya… there’s actually something this time. Like really, it’s there. Hope Eli doesn’t mind this...

Make of that what you will.

[Mod] beelan Its that time of the Month again, UPDATE TIME, Ermagurdsssss.
[H] ST3V3P o i can not wait to see it :) lets hope it is not to far away
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