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I will gladly pay you Tuesday for an overdue post NOW.

          We observed and kept note of previous BuildComp events and have listened to your feedback and concerns... so now, let me present BEYOND BuildComp! What makes this one any different, you may ask? Well...

- NO set plots

- ADJUSTED rules

- LONGER Build Period

- WHOLE TOWNS & TEAMS can join

- INCREASED prizes

LASTING Server-wide recognition

          Should you be interested in entering, click -> HERE <- to sign up! Or click -> HERE <- to sign up for judging!

          Yes, yes, I see you eager people and your eager faces (as my lazy butt does the lazy thing and be lazy). But, alas! We have our winners!

In first place, we got Pryon_Trets and his highly-detailed inn!

In second, we got Jkisnotmyname with a mighty-tall cathedral!

And in third, we have M4CHII with... a pagoda? I guess anything goes!

Make sure I catch you guys in-game so we can pay ya!

          I'd like to also congratulate and thank everyone who participated in this BuildComp; it was a steady turnout and has only encouraged us to keep this ball rollin'! As a reminder, contestants have until August 22nd to clear their plots and collect their items. Should there be any delay in doing so, staff will clear the plots and store your items in chests. And should there be any further delays in collecting by month's end, the items will be removed. So don't delay!

          As for our next BuildComp, make sure you check the site this upcoming Tuesday, August 14th for details. This next one is gonna be quite different from the norm...

Olé! Olé! Olé! Olé!

          While everything north of the Equator continues to catch on fire, the StompzCraft Monthly Update rolls on! (Tho a little later than usual due to birthday shenanigans, eheh) A special thank you to MikeE40! He covered the site cost for the month and is just a nice lady. Give 'em a "thanks" if ya catch him in-game!


  • Hard times have hit the market, as a substantial crash has brought a majority of shop production down by over 500%.
  • ... with a few notable exceptions in Eggs (17,000+ sold), Sugar Cane (10,000+ sold) and Pumpkins (12,000+ sold).
  • Building Materials have actually broke the buck and have zeroed out. (Save for Stone Bricks, though with a paltry sub-2,000 result.) 


          Now normally, a severe crash in the shops would be an indicator of bad times, but on StompzCraft, that's a good thing. With the (temporary) readdition of sign shops, the growing use of /auction, and other events being prioritized (such as BuildComp), our ever-fluctiating economy is starting to stabilize.

          Though by no means does that mean we've given up on the MarketHub; in fact, quite the opposite. Thanks to a few edits by [Devmin] DiamondExplorer5, personal quotas have now been set on the adminshops. This means that you no longer have to race to fill the chest; shop invetory is now based on each individual player, and (for now) restocks every 24 hours.

          Progress on chest shops is ongoing, though [Dev] Absorbed has been occupied with real life matters, including, erm... injuriesWith such, I wish him a safe and swift recovery. Who knows? Maybe if we flood his inbox with some cruddy Facebook-quality posts he'll miraculously get better lol.

          Finally, MineWorld has been reset since our last Monthly Update. Enjoy.

(You no think it work like that, but it do.)

Market Terms:

Concept: a gap between limited sources and theoretically unlimited wants.

          As usual, be sure to stay posted for next month's Economy Report for all the latest updates, notices and more.

          /tpa commands (including /tpahere) are now available to EVERYONE!! EVERYONE (yes, everyone), from our standard [Member] rank and upwards, now has access to the commands; no longer do you guys need to rely on donators or set /warp locations to meet up! It's been a long time coming, and I couldn't be happier for you guys. Enjoy!

          Meanwhile, Established Town Portals are finally up! Make sure to check out Duke City, Eagles Landing and Viridis City as you stop by!

(pictured, top to bottom: Duke City's, Eagles Landing's and Viridis City's established portals)

          Should you ever be interested in a plot, make sure your town is at least big enough and prominent enough to stand out from the crowd. Then, by the grace of [Owner] Lemo, you might be granted a plot.

In other news... see this guy?

Can't hide yer face from me, Sunny Jim.

          This guy with the face and the eyes and the face... Deadbook is currently our #1 in mcMMO. Now for those who don't know, mcMMO is a leveling-based perk system that improves your in-game abilities and such. He currently stands at the tippy-top of the /mcrank leaderboard... take him down. Winner gets my eternal gratitude and ultimate bragging rights, along with whatever else I can think of to reward them with. Good luck.

          Some of you may have noticed some significant changes have been made to mcMMO; [Mod] Pingsterr will be providing details in an extensive write-up, which should be posted soon.

(Ongoing!) BuildHub Revamp

(I swear I gotta change the colors to that.)

(pictured: Rain or shine, construction rolls on!)

          I've briefly mentioned it before, but BuildHub has been recieving a face-lift, at least in terms of the Buildhub outposts as of late. Spearheaded by [Mod] Eli (and assisted by yours truly, along with other staff and members), we're taking our paltry, old outposts and upgrading them into stunning, expanded outposts! As said above, the work is ongoing, and eventually every BuildHub outpost will be affected. Some outposts are being changed SO RADICALLY, that-... well, we can't really disclose as of yet. However, it's also a reason why we brought BuildComp back (which you can now visit via /warp bc or by the portal under the crane @ BuildHub); as we continually improve our outposts (and eventually, the rest of server-related cosmetics), we're still on the lookout for any potential builders out there, with impressive BuildComp results lending greatly to their cause. I personally cannot wait to see what you guys (and the building team, for that matter) come up with next.

(pictured: Desert 3's pyramid, revamped and sitting pretty at sunset)

(pictured: Plains 2's mine, now expanded and dug to exciting new dephts)

(pictured: NEW "Cold" 1 spawn! Come for the ice spikes, stay for the probes)

We'll keep you updated as progress continues.

          That about summizes our (late) StompzCraft Monthly Update. Should any major updates or announcements arise (*cough*Pings*cough*), we'll make sure to keep you posted. Now if you excuse me, I'm gonna go ahead and cook myself to a medium-rare. Ciao~




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