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(That's "spring cleaning" in German btw, according to Google Translate)

(pictured: Spawn, in its unspoiled glory)

         To be honest, I've left things a bit unkept and "dated" on my end, so as we rumble on in to this Monthly Update, a bit of "spring cleaning has been partook. As this unrelenting march of holidays comes to an end, we return Spawn back to its unthemed, StompzCraft-y roots. For now...


  • Gold making a very strong showing for this month, nearly doubling in profit!
  • Coal doing surprising well!; Diamond lagging behind...
  • Wheat showing yet another strong performance; Definite bumper crop!
  • Stagnation prevalent in other markets. Stand by for adjustments...


         Arbor Co. Lumber & Supply is set to open! Be on the lookout for Lumber-oriented wares, as they get shoppin'-n'-choppin' in the MarketHub!

         Building Materials have finally arrived! Check out the newly revamped Village Food & Storage as they finally open their second floor to the public!

Market Terms:

n.: a market in which share prices are rising, encouraging buying.


         Be sure to stay tuned for next month's Economy Report for all the latest updates, and say a hearty hello to our new markets!


         It's been a slow month in terms of major town developments and store operations, so I've decided to go exploring around our lovely server to find some nifty builds.

(pictured, Eagles Landing "Waterfall" outpost, by Noire_R)

         Eagles Landing has been progressing quite nicely in its expansion, as its residents slowly settle into their newfound homes.

(pictured, DigitalNova's residence, Eagles Landing)


Noctus Isle

(pictured, Noctus Isle bird's-eye view)

         Now, should I catch wind of any builds or you guys throw suggestions at me, I will most definitely check them out, and this lovely settlement constructed by Star_Ender is a shining example of such discoveries. Now normally, I find the "stave church"-style done to death in a majority of Minecraft realms and builds, but they make it work in this quaint, tranquil setting. In fact, it works surprisingly well, and I gotta commend them for the beautiful work they've done here. While it's by no means a technical or complicated masterpiece, it just shows what a few well-thought blocks and angles can do to make wonders out of the ordinary. And the almighty power of shaders.

(pictured, Noctus Isle throughout the day)

Star_Ender, we salute you.


         And unfortunately, that about wraps out the Monthly Report! Be sure to tune in next time to see what other sorts of activities and happenings we get ourselves up to, and if you ever get any ideas or suggestions, let any of the staff know; we'd greatly appreciate it. Happy stompin', y'all. ;)



Moderator/Apparent House Maid

         Ah. Nearly forgot. I’ve heard of some… things, going on behind the scenes. Yeah, I know, you’ve all probably heard of these things before, but lemme tell ya… there’s actually something this time. Like really, it’s there. Hope Eli doesn’t mind this...

Make of that what you will.

[Mod] beelan Its that time of the Month again, UPDATE TIME, Ermagurdsssss.
ST3V3P @ StompzBeta
i can not wait to see it :) lets hope it is not to far away


  • Diamond still holds favor, but Emerald isn't far behind, as their buy/sell margins near 2,000 units.
  • Gold is a hot purchase! Redstone sell-ins are booming! Iron and Quartz nearly breaks even.
  • Potatoes are hot sells! Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • Strong showing for Wheat this month.
  • Pufferfish a popular purchase! Meat still waning...


  • Market upgrades to begin this month; keep an eye out for future Timber, Building Materials, and Pet stores...
  • Stock reshuffling imminent...

(New!) Market Terms:

          As the Economy Report progresses, I'll be throwing in more phrases and terms used frequently in today's market, and perhaps in doing so, help make some sense as to how they all operate on a daily basis. So, onto our first term!

n.: a market in which prices are falling, encouraging selling.

          This has been an emergency StompzCraft Economy Report! Normal operations will resume by next Monthly Update.


Moderator/Can Do Maths


FIRST, to start things off...

HAPPEASTER! From all of us here on StompzCraft, we hope you guys are having a happy holiday.

          Anywho, welcome to our 2nd Monthly Update! You thought we forgot, didn't you? Well, you wouldn't be too wrong! (For we almost did... heh.) But, (half-) jokes aside, we've gone around the server and prepped bunches of exciting information to bring to y'all, so, I'll quit my rambling and get properly started. 

          Upon recent findings, it appears that the brokers have gone on strike, the shareholders bailed, and there seems to be a lot of burnt pants on the floor. Must be Spring Break for the Economy Report. Stay tuned for an emergency update!

          Despite disparaging outlooks, we've seen a bit of a boost in the economy, as new shops have sprouted up all over the server! We've taken a peak, and loved the progress we see. Be sure to check out Conner's Crazy Cheap Crud (conner_roks) , Randomness777's Shop (randomness777), BaronVonFrank's Shop (BaronVonFrank), and Frost's Emporium! (Frostglaex). We particularly took a liking to Frost's lava dome design, which we hear was designed by KirinLight himself. All shops can be accessed via /warp mall.

(pictured, Frostglaex's Emporium)

          You may have also noticed, we at the Stompz team have chosen to get into the Easter "spirit". Because of this, you'll notice some new decorations around Spawn, curtosy of our own AccidentProneMan (heh, me). Much love to you Acci <3 (thanks Pings :3).

          (I promise we'll have an Easter egg hunt next year; time got away from us, this time.)

(pictured (top to bottom): Stompz Clock Tower, MallHub (featuring ST3V3P), MarketHub, Mt. Stompzmore)

          Now, onto the even more exciting parts of our community here at Stompz: towns! Several new towns have made their way onto the grand stage of StompzCraft, and all of them have been making excellent progress. There are two in particular we would like to take a closer look at, Viridis City and Eagles Landing, led by their respective mayors, Randomness and ST3V3P! Let's dive right in.

(pictured, Viridis City Spawn)

          Viridis City is a bustling town with a quickly-growing populus. Filled with dense vegetation and charming architecture, it's surely a beauty, bringing back old Stompz vibes that surely have been missed. Randomness has been hard at work expanding his town, and we wish him the very best of luck. :)

(pictured (top to bottom), Viridis City Portal Hub, Viridis City skyline) 

(pictured, Eagles Landing)

          Now, on to Eagles Landing! We've loved seeing the progress being made with this town, and the wide array of builds being sprouted up all around it! The city itself is centered in the middle of several mountains, making for an excellent backdrop. Its mayor. ST3V3P, is always welcoming new members, so be sure to check it out!

(pictured, "Main Street" Eagles Landing)

          Finally, we take a look at a massive project being undertaken by several Stomperz to unite the community. Many of you have already heard of it; it's called the Great StompzCraft Road (or as I'm personally coining it, the Stompz Continental).

          The concept behind the road is to make a giant connector between every town on Stompz, something we've never seen done before in our community's history! Everyone is welcomed to pitch in, so if you'd like to lend a hand or connect your town, be sure to contact Beelan or one of the other town mayors working on it!

          One of the most impressive parts of this road is the West-Gate Bridge. This is truly a marvel to look at, with a functioning lighthouse slapped right in the middle. We've even heard whispers of a city popping up around it...? Take a looksie!

(pictured (top to bottom), West-Gate Bridge: lighthouse/center point, eastern terminus, western terminus/???)

          Well, with all these new developments coming, we're very excited to see what's in store for next month's update. It seems that's all we have left to bring to you today! As always, we'll be keeping an eye out, and happy Stompin'!

(pictured, Saloon @ MallHub with the newest Minecraft update!... I hate April Fool's.)


Moderator/Part-time Egghead


Moderator/Confirmed Basket-Case

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