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A blast from the past...

Oh yeah. It's back, baby.

         For our first BuildComp in this world, the theme will be Medieval/Dark Ages. Click here if you wanna join! (Or click here if you wanna judge!)




         Players can open up shop again! Which is GREAT! Especially for the older players! Because... well... chestshops are back, but it isn't quite the shops we were used to lately. [Dev] Abs0rbed is still working on re-engineering the other plug, so, for now, we're bringing back the old "sign" shops...

         N-now now! Don't panic! This is actually a lot easier to implement than you think! Yes, the signs can feel a bit "archaic" but they're actually pretty straightforward when it comes down to it.

         Should this be insufficient (right-click to open in a new tab; curse thy resizing), don't worry; there is also a tutorial available at the MallHub (/warp chestshop).

         As stated before, we will provide another update when we finally get the playershop plug-in re-tooled. But for now, chestshops are back! So go ahead and get to bartering already! I know you've all been waiting...


Moderator/ One Broke Boi

Are you broke in-game?

Do you like having stompz?

How about like a BUTT-TON of stompz?

(Let's admit it, folks: having a lotta money is nice)

Worry no more!

Click on the image above to get learned!

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