Donation ToS

treestompz a posted Dec 26, 11

Donation Terms Of Service

When you donate, you agree to these terms :)

These are here to make sure you feel informed :D

1. No refunds. Although you are paying for advantages on the server, your donation is still considered a donation.

2. You can upgrade from one rank to a higher one by paying the difference. (If most recent donation is under 2 months.) Example: If you are in the Platinum Tier, and want to upgrade to the Ultimate Tier, you can pay the difference between the two, if you have had the Platinum Tier for under 2 months. Otherwise you have to pay in full again.

3. Just because you donate, does not make you immune from being banned. If you are a donator, and break the rules, you are still subject to being banned. We will be especially forgiving to donators, though.

4. StompzCraft reserves the right to remove your advantages at any time, or for any reason we deem necessary.

5. The donation advantages will probably change, which means you will sometimes get something extra you didn't pay for (win!) Or, if an advantaged is being consistently abused, it can be removed.

6. You understand the Terms of Service is subject to change.
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robotica34 @KOW1 Every time you make a donation.
KOW1 Does the two months time reset every time you make a donation or every time you donate? So if I donated ten bucks and 54...