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DDoS Attack #3

By treestompz a - Posted Jun 22, 12
EDIT: Server back online!

When voting you now get: 10 diamonds, 300 stompz, and 200 EXP. When you vote it is announced in chat so people know you support the server <3! Please vote on the sites everyday as we will be upgrading to multiple servers soon and need the support <3

Hello Stomperz

It would appear we are under our third DDoS attack.

As stated we will be upgrading to a better server soon with DDoS protection.

If you're new around here, you can read this quote from an old post:

"For those who don't know what a DDoS is, it's basically like organizing an attack on a restaurant. You can't tell their customers not to go eat there, so you decide to take up all the parking spots. You and hundreds of people drive in their parking lot and park there. All the parking spots are filled, thus, the restaurant goes out of business because no customers can park and go eat. This same idea applies to the server with being DDoS'd. DDoS, or Distributive Denial of Service, in the most basic form, is a bunch of compromised computers sending packets to our server so that our server can't handle it. However, in the online world, there is no sure-fire way to stop it. 

DDoS attacks do not just affect Minecraft servers, they are some of the worst attacks for any online group, community, or business. For businesses, they cause severe monetary lost, and for Minecraft servers, they cause loss of user-base."

--End quote

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