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Well, unless someone tries to pull a prank on us and boost our votes overnight, I have proven my point. We got only 5 votes in more than 2 hours. I am going to direct votes back to our actual ad. Thanks everyone. 

EDIT @ 2AM : Current votes:  Notes: ;)

EDIT @ 1:14AM: I am pretty sure I have proven my point. We only got 4 votes in 1 hour and 24 minutes.

EDIT @ 1:14AM : Current votes: 
EDIT @ 12:54AM : Current votes:  Notes: 

EDIT @ 12:23AM : Current votes:  Notes: looking great!
EDIT @ 12:05AM : Current votes:  Notes: looking good!
EDIT @ 11:50PM : Current votes: 

Hello Stomperz and Others,

I am writing this post about a very serious matter. For those of you who remember, last month we had an issue with our votes being boosted in an attempt to frame us. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, allow me to explain!

On, we currently hold the #1 spot in votes. is a website that tracks Minecraft servers, and ranks them based only on the number of votes a server has. We have the most right now. Should be great right? Well, yes, the traffic we get to our server is insane being #1, but I would absolutely hate to know that the votes we have now are not legitimate.

So, we are going to find out!

From the time I am writing this, 11:40PM EST, I am going to change the "Site 1" button on to point to a dummy server. If our server stops getting votes, then it is safe to say our votes are legitimate. If our server continues to get a substantial amount of votes, we know it is proxy voting and I will ask the admin on to cut our votes way down.

Expect many updates on this post.

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