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EDIT: We got 3,520 votes now. We had 2,078 less than an hour ago. Someone saw this post and proxied voted us up. If this isn't proof, I don't know what is.

EDIT: Case closed already? Well, I made this post at 11:38PM, we had 2,073 votes! Now, only 10 minutes later we have 2,483. Yea, so someone is proxying us. And don't you dare say its us and "we stop our proxy voting when we make this post" because obviously someone is proxying the crap out of us right now. Hope your having fun buddy. I guarantee you it will go up to 3,000, this ass is having a field day.

EDIT: We are going to be DDoS'd a lot today! Oh boy!

Hello Stomperz

I am going to globally disable voting for 24 hours. This will be the last effort I can give to determine whether our votes are being proxied by an outside source of if all of them are completely legitimate.

All voting incentives and voting announcements will be disabled as we as a community will give our best effort to prove our integrity to everyone else. StompzCraft is a server that has been around before the haters even knew what Minecraft was. We do things with pride, and with love. We have the best community out there, we are connected, we are all friends. I know all of you so personally, it's awesome. People are jealous.

After keeping our pride for so long, we finally hit the #1 spot across a couple of server tracking websites. Wow, crazy!

Haters absolutely hate that.

They DDoS us, they threaten us, they do whatever they can to hurt us.

Only a couple hours ago, we were removed from I told the admin of this site that I will disable voting for 24 hours and he, along with the Stomperz, the in-betweens, and the haters, can watch to see what happens. If our votes increase on, someone is proxy voting our votes. If we only get several votes, then our votes are legitimate. There is no better way to prove this.

So, let's watch.

On we currently have 2,073 votes as of writing this post @ 11:38PM EST.

Sit back and relax. Enjoy the show.

I reserve this thank you to Stomperz only,

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