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Hello Stomperz

To be frank I did not know what to title this, lol. This post is gonna be a choppy one...just like news headlines! (yea, that sounds like a good excuse!) However the bottom portion will discuss the trending New World topic.

It is a bit late but I just want to give a major thank you to Dannyboy1985 and Angelyna19 who helped me rebuild the spawn while I was all vacation. Be sure to tell them how awesome they are!

So yeaaaa it's a Saturday night and I am eating Oreos thinking about The Plan...

Unfortunately it looks like The Plan is going to take a lot more time than I once thought because of a lot of complications...

This week I am hoping to put some solid hours into working on the PVP server as I want push it into the direction of a semi-RPG server.

I know the SG server is kinda dull right now but to be perfectly honest I don't care about it right now. I can promise you it will be a lot more fun when The Plan is finally completed though. Investing time into it now is not a smart thing for me to do as finishing The Plan is the #1 priority but it is soooo much work.


Anyways, let's talk about the ever so popular "New World" topic!

I have been hosting Minecraft servers for around 2 years now, so starting a fresh map is something not new to me. I will tell you my experiences as well as some technical things that you probably haven't considered when formulating your opinion. It is also important to remember that I am not arguing here, more so playing Notch's advocate. (lolcwutididthar?!)

The world we have right now is AWESOME! There are so many great things everywhere! I don't even know about half of them myself there are so many. However, the world is 7 months old. Fact: 7 months is a helluva long time to keep a Minecraft world. This is world that was made back in December 2011, it has come a long way and has formed into a giant piece of awesome creativity, passion, and inspiration. After 7 months, the world has grown big and I have done my best to keep it to a manageable size. The world is currently approaching 5 gigabytes. This makes storing backups difficult on our current setup as the file is so large. (storing 1 backup isn't enough, you need a bunch!) Anyone who plays Minecraft knows it isn't a perfect game. That is why a lot of people love it. When worlds are explored as much as ours are, things are bound to go wrong. World corruption is something that has happened many times, but I have found work-arounds for it. I don't know what 1.3 will do to our world if we try to keep it, either.

Another thing: I have seen some people say that the world is really young, all these people joined the server recently :P

My last wall of text will be about the technical side of things:

As aforementioned, when a world gets old, it gets funky. But there is more things on the technical side that people are not considering. The main thing that comes to mind for me is plugin efficiency. It is important to remember that most of StompzCraft's plugins are plugins made by strangers on the Bukkit forums/BukkitDev. These developers are awesome for putting so much work into their plugins, but not all of them are perfect. A single plugin can cause lots of lag. This is why large servers, like ours, don't just grab all the plugins in the world. We have to handpick our plugins, because although some plugins may be fun, they might cause lots of lag when lots of players are online. Getting a new world would allow me to remove some plugins that I simply can't remove now. I am thinking of CreativeGates (the plugin that allows for portals.) Although it is an awesome plugin, it could cause lag or slow down the server. I could replace it with something more efficient. I could do this with other plugins as well. Not only that, but we could also make a new spawn (and PortalHub and MarketHub.) When I first made the spawn I didn't know how it would work with so many players, now I obviously know and the new spawn area could be a lot more functional for everyone. 

Anyways, I wrote that as my brain fed me thoughts. In conclusion, a new world would allow for a more perfected server.


There is no doubt that at some point we will simply NEED a new world. Right now we don't need one. It is just better to talk about it before we need one. I certainly am not in the mood to build a new spawn anytime soon though, so don't fret, I can say with a fair amount of confidence this world will stay for a while longer.

A new world won't be coming anytime soon, but for the health of our server, it will be coming eventually.

Sorry for the crazy post, I needed to get it done. 


Tell me yo thoughts homiez.

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