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Howdy-doo Stomperz!

After a whole month of no server-advertising, voting is coming back for August! Although we won't be in full-advertise mode this month, we will be advertising a little bit as new players keep our server running. Help us spread the word by voting!

Voting has some cool new changes to it! Voting no longer will be done on but! I made the website so that voting is a bit simpler and easier. The voting rewards are:

  • 10 diamonds
  • 300 stompz
  • 2000 exp

If you are a rich player, and don't need those benefits, I still hope you vote if you enjoy the server. By voting you can impact the server greatly in so many good ways! (There is a reason I say this every month!)

     Top Voter Rank    

This month the Top 3 Voters will receive the TopVoter rank which will inherit perks from the VIP donator rank. If you are one of the Top 3 Voters, this award will last for 30 days, but you can always get it again next month! (If you are already a donator and place in the Top 3 you will get a free rank upgrade.)

Thank you all for being so patient and supportive. The Plan is going to take much longer than expected but I am determined to do my best with it!

Please remember to vote once a day and support StompzCraft!

Thanks for being so awesome everyone,

P.S.: If people accuse us of boosting our votes we are NOT. Sometimes anonymous people boost our votes, but we never have. If nerds wanna complain, they can, I am sick and tired of tha hatahs. Kthx.

QOTP: Do you like better than Why or why not?

Leave your response below!

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