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Change Done Come

By AccidentProneMan - Posted Sep 6, 16

New things abound for Stompz!

Change is indeed happening! While you’ve all been away, we’ve been taking a wrench to the ol’ server and tweaking a few things around. Have a looksie:


First… Server Passwords!

Diamond has recently made a plugin of which will be the fix to the ‘sharing your account’ issues that ended up banning certain individuals.  This plugin is a secondary password that will only be used for this server. If you have a password, when you log on, you will be in a state where you cannot move or talk.  Therefore, people who get on your account with the sole intent to get you banned, cannot.  People have three attempts at inputting the correct password before they are temp banned for 5 minutes. After which, they can try again.  There are safety measures in place in-case you forget your password, so don’t worry.  This is just overprotection so you don’t get banned by other people’s work.


And Second… Discord!

Yes! Make all the MLP jokes you want! New forms of chatting have arisen, and Discord looks good. No limit on the amount of chats held, no need for reconfiguring your settings after every update, client and browser options, very straightforward sign-up and registration… Discord has it covered. Whether it be a small group session or a server-wide event chat, it’s got what we need and then some. Plus, the lack of having to update every time you launch it is actually pretty nice, too.


However, we’d like to see what you guys have to say.


At the end of the day, community is and will always be first and foremost for StompzCraft. We’ve used TS for quite a while now, and the password update is new. But again, let us know what you guys think. You guys play, so you ought to have a say.

See ya server-side! ~Accident


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