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Creation Team Post

By [Dev] DiamondExplorer5 a - Posted Sep 11, 16

It's time for the most wanted post we've all been talking about!

Creation Team

We have searched through all of the applications and pinpointed all of the characteristics of those posts.  We weighed each person’s strengths and weaknesses against Lemo’s plans for the future and picked the people who seemed most fit.  Sadly we could not choose everyone. We did indeed choose an extra person than was stated but that was due to the scope of what we wanted going in a few directions.  Now, without further ado, let’s get on with the listings:


Lore Writers:











Leading Manager: AccidentProneMan


Everybody who has been mentioned should join Discord and then enjin message Diamond or Lemo their Discord names.

For Americans: Due to time zone differences, everything will go through Accident, then to Diamond, then all the way to the ears of Lemo.

Now Discord

We have moved over from teamspeak to discord! The feedback from the last post was small but good enough to warrant our change. It’s all set up and ready for your lovely faces. Join [here].

And with everything that is planned in the future, creating a small team dedicated to working on the server is needed.  With this post we can get started on amazing things that have a chance to bring life to the server once again.

Can’t wait to work with ya. ~Diamond

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