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Finally Updated?!

By [Dev] DiamondExplorer5 a - Posted May 15, 17

It’s the words you never thought you’d see!

Stompz has updated to 1.11.2!


If you were wondering if you could get any of that sweet new 1.11 stuff from anywhere in Stompz, we’ve got a new mineworld all geared up and ready to go FINALLY GOSH DARN IT! And soon we’ll probably even expand the world border.


As a result of conflicting tangled up mess, our server had quite a hard time being able to update. So unfortunately, in order to update we had to drop StompzKingdomz.


Understandably, if that news doesn’t get you down, it’s fine. But if you were a tad bit upset, don’t worry! We’ll have something new coming out soon, as always we’re working on stuff in the background and will hope to keep you updated shortly.


And… Disguises are BACK!!!!!

‘Nuff Said.

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