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First Drawing Winners!! =)

By sarah345343 a - Posted Jun 20, 17

Good day people of StompzCraft :)

As many of you know on June 13 a drawing started. More than likely we will be doing more of this in the future (keep your fingers crossed).

We as a group have decided to do this to help interact with you guys. We love to hear from you guys and to have conversations with ya'll.

Anywho.. Now to announce the winners of the drawing ;). Please go to /warp drawing to claim your in-game prizes. To veiw my selecting process please click here.

In first place we have.. M4CHII

In Second place we have... Rob514

And Finally.. In third place we have.. Qornatio

I hope you all enjoy your prizes and sign up for the next drawing! =)

Click here to sign up for the next drawing. 

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