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StompzDrawing #2

By sarah345343 a - Posted Jul 19, 17

We're back with more exciting news!

A few people around the StompzCraft team have helped put together a new event for you guys. This is one of my personal all time favorites. Wrap your heads around the new Caving Event! Keep this in mind, as we do not have a set date it will be ready yet, sometime in the near futureBasically, it will be an elimination style tournament. There will be a registration period of... let's say a month. After that time, we close the registrations and work out matchups from that. Timings can be worked out with the competitors to find out the best time to do it. In the allotted time of say an hour or half an hour, the aim is to find as many materials you can IN ORE FORM. They have to be ores otherwise they do not count towards your score. Any potions are permitted, however commands such as /fly that would give you an edge over others are forbidden. After the match is over we tally up the points that each competitor has and decide the winner. Then, the ores collected from the participants are placed in the collective winners pot!

Now lets gets to this goods..

The votes are in.. and the winners are...

In first place we have Ladyroguemelody

In Second Place we have Pingsterr

Finally, in Third Place we have Spiffyllama

Please go to /warp drawing to claim your rewards :)

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