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        Howdy hey! Back again with another StompzCraft Weekly Update! On this lovely Friday-... erm, Saturday night, we gots some more stuffs to show ya! So hold on tight; we're diving right into it. First, another teaser!:

"Teaser" 2

... okay, you guys are probably getting bored of my show-boating, so I'll throw in something more substantial:

Guess the Tower...

        Ah, much better. This tower (if you couldn't tell at first) is also sourced from the same project/update I got in the works. If you can guess what the project is, I'll give ya 10,000 stompz. No, really, I will. 20,000 to anyone who can guess what the tower itself is. It is indeed a real world location... I'll be waiting. (PM on-site, in-game, Discord... any works!)

        Now onto something more relevant to your daily... weekly... monthly StompzCraft lives! In addition to major additions, updates and upgrades in the works, we're also planning to reintroduce some of the minigames and events of yore, like...

Dig Down!


(If the self-proclaiming title(s) for it weren't a dead giveaway already.)

       Yes! The free-for-all, spelunker's wet dream will be the first game to make a return! For those who haven't played, it's simple! DIG DOWN!! And for those familiar, welcome back! There's tons of prizes to be won, including...

  • Stacks upon stacks of raw ores and metal blocks!
  • Wither & Creeper skulls!
  • Llama eggs!
  • Nether stars!
  • A beacon!
  • And LOTS of other stuffs...

        The plot is made, the course is set and the event coordinators are on standby! Be sure to check in-game, on our Discord, or on this very front page for Dig Down info! We'll be sure to keep you up-to-date when we start up a session (hopefully within the next week!). However, Dig Down is only the start of our minigame/event efforts, so stay tuned for more events and minigames coming down the line...

Stompzville Under Way!

(y'know, like Margaritaville but without the parrots or old, smelly white guys)

        Finally, a rather interesting announcement. We present to you.. Stompzville! What is this new town, you may ask? Certainly not the traditional kind, ah tell you hwat. Stompzville is a server-ran town, created in the hopes of setting an example for new players, of how a town works and what it should be. It will have prebuilt houses, shops, (some) spawners, and of course, different themed districts. However, new players will only be able to live in this town temporarily, and after a given time, they will be sent off into the wild and, hopefully, to player-made towns. Ground has recently broken on this development, and our build crew will be working 'round the clock to get it up and running ASAP. We'll be sure to keep you guys updated on our progress.

        Most importantly, once again, we wouldn't be the server we are without our community and its members. So let us know down below about your thoughts, feelings and possible answers on this week's SWU. Remember, every voice counts. This be the Weekly Update, signing off for now. See ya server-side!

This week's SWU brought to you by:

[Mod] AccidentProneMan, [LoreWriter] Pingsterr & that stupid Internet troll I buried alive in Dig Down

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