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StompzCraft Closed Beta

By Lemo - Aldreson a - Posted Dec 23, 17

And we're up folks!


The IP to use is:


Unfortunately, there's a few things missing from this release that we’re still squashing out those infernal bugs for, but worry not we'll have them sorted soon. ;)


Current status of StompzBeta:

Thankfully, all core plugins are functioning perfectly (such as Towny, LWC, and ChestShops). So nothing you should be perfectly fine to progress on that front.


Just a little more information on ChestShops while we're on the subject, we've migrated to a new plugin system by the name of Shop Chest. Simple enough name I suppose :P

The new commands are as of followed;

  1. Ensure you have adequate funds.
  2. Hold the item you want to sell in your hand. Then run the following command.
  3. /shop create <amount> <buy-price> <sell-price>
  4. You can change <buy-price> or <sell-price> to 0 to disable buying/selling respectively.
  5. Click on the chest you wish to be the shop.
  6. If not already done, place your items inside the Shop Chest.

Starting with this release, we plan to slowly start implementing the first stages of our economy overhaul. Plugins are currently still under development, however we are on schedule to have them up and running in the next few hours. Here’s a tiny sneak peek, part of this overhaul will include your classic admin shop… but with a twist. Not saying what. :P


Because we’re trying to bring the focus back to towny, we’re trialling the removal of protection stones. With such a small active player base on Stompz, we want to inspire the players to work together and by removing protection stones we're confident this will encourage town development.



With the reenabling of pvp in the main world you may be wondering whether or not there are any safe areas within Stompz. As of yet, all areas protected under a region will have the PvP flag disabled which, you guessed it, will make it a safe zone.

Currently, safe areas are:



and Towns.

We're hoping that enabling PvP will encourage players to do more within towns, driving them to create all manners of utilities such as public farms, mines or lumber yards helping their townsfolk to enjoy a safe environment and create a strong sense of community.



All rules that deal with in-game server chat will now apply within the Discord server as well. With the new release of Stompz, we’d like to bring back that player friendly environment we're famous for. The current #general Discord channel will be renamed to #mature and will use the NSFW function within Discord, and a new #general will be created.


Unfortunately, voting is down but we'll have that back up and running in the next few days.


Thanks for reading guys, have a great night!


Keep on Stomping.


-The Stompzcraft Team

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