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StompzCraft a new year!

By Lemo - Aldreson a - Posted Jan 6, 18

We made it Stomperz! We’re in 2018!


First of all, I’d just like to open this post by saying a huge thank you to everyone that has (and will hopefully continue to :P) stuck by us and has called Stompz their home. We at the Stompz Staff team hope you’re all having a wonderful start to the new year!


In addition, we would like to announce that StompzBeta is now moving into open beta, so the public can also join in the fun.



With our move into open beta, according to the StompzCraft RoadMap we are perfectly on plan for our updates. Admittedly, due to the holiday season public updates have been a regrettably slow, yet now that's over we're working full steam ahead in order to bring you the content you want.


As such, we've compiled a list of all the changes currently in the game:


Fixes/New Additions:

The beloved SuperPick is now up and running. That’s right folks! Who needs manual mining anyway? New command is now /sp


The Economy Overhaul has officially entered into Early Developmental Stages.

You may have noticed the return of the Admin Shop, that sacred place where you could buy and sell almost anything. Well, we're bringing a new way to make money other than the heartless genocide of thousands of innocent endermen. Yes you monsters, we know how you make your money. Despicable. But wait! This new Admin shop comes with a twist!


Keeping it simple, the shops will have a storage value. What does this mean? It means that you will only be able to buy and sell so much to the shop. With the establishment of this cap, we're aiming to prevent the abuse of both easily obtainable and duplicated items, and also keep the balance in Stompzcraft’s overall economy.


You’re probably saying to yourself, ‘Adding a sell cap? How's that a twist?’ and really, you’re correct. It's not.

The real twist is that the market will be a living, breathing system.

What do we mean by that? We’re going to be keeping track of every transaction a player makes at the market. Once or twice a month, depending on the supply/demand, the item will be adjusted. Whether that involves increasing or decreasing the value of an item, or the demand of said item outnumbering the supply causes an increase in the sell cap will depend on the circumstance.


In addition to these changes, once a month there will be a market report posted on the homepage declaring the current financial state. This means that you, the Stomper, can find the most efficient and valuable item on the market and make your fortunes :).

(Thanks to our wonderful Diamond Explorer and resident AccidentProneMan)


Donators can no longer take advantage of flying in PvP.

Recently, we implemented a plugin that ‘checks’ whether a player is flying and disables it once they begin an attack against another player.

(Once again, thanks to Diamond)


Changes to the Discord

The channel #stompzbeta-whitelist will be renamed to #stompzbeta-discussion. Here, you can share input on what you’d like to see and share with us any bugs that you come across so we can get on top of the issue.


Donator Private Regions

Any donator that has Ultimate or above rank will be able to claim a personal region. To do so, use the command /pr. This will give you a menu with instructions on how to use the command. (Thanks to the brilliant Abs0rbed) Currently, it is configured to a 50 x 50 radius, but once we leave beta it will be increased to a respectable 100 x 100

Known bugs:


Voting and Donations

Unfortunately, both are still dysfunctional  at the moment. We're working on the issue, however we estimate until we leave beta completely they'll still be down. If you have donated and your rank hasn’t shown up or would like to have your rank in the beta, just make a claim HERE.


Here we are again at the end of another post. Thanks for reading guys! Remember, keep on Stomping!

-The Stompzcraft Team

Merry new year!

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