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  • Diamond still holds favor, but Emerald isn't far behind, as their buy/sell margins near 2,000 units.
  • Gold is a hot purchase! Redstone sell-ins are booming! Iron and Quartz nearly breaks even.
  • Potatoes are hot sells! Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • Strong showing for Wheat this month.
  • Pufferfish a popular purchase! Meat still waning...


  • Market upgrades to begin this month; keep an eye out for future Timber, Building Materials, and Pet stores...
  • Stock reshuffling imminent...

(New!) Market Terms:

          As the Economy Report progresses, I'll be throwing in more phrases and terms used frequently in today's market, and perhaps in doing so, help make some sense as to how they all operate on a daily basis. So, onto our first term!

n.: a market in which prices are falling, encouraging selling.

          This has been an emergency StompzCraft Economy Report! Normal operations will resume by next Monthly Update.


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