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(That's "spring cleaning" in German btw, according to Google Translate)

(pictured: Spawn, in its unspoiled glory)

         To be honest, I've left things a bit unkept and "dated" on my end, so as we rumble on in to this Monthly Update, a bit of "spring cleaning has been partook. As this unrelenting march of holidays comes to an end, we return Spawn back to its unthemed, StompzCraft-y roots. For now...


  • Gold making a very strong showing for this month, nearly doubling in profit!
  • Coal doing surprising well!; Diamond lagging behind...
  • Wheat showing yet another strong performance; Definite bumper crop!
  • Stagnation prevalent in other markets. Stand by for adjustments...


         Arbor Co. Lumber & Supply is set to open! Be on the lookout for Lumber-oriented wares, as they get shoppin'-n'-choppin' in the MarketHub!

         Building Materials have finally arrived! Check out the newly revamped Village Food & Storage as they finally open their second floor to the public!

Market Terms:

n.: a market in which share prices are rising, encouraging buying.


         Be sure to stay tuned for next month's Economy Report for all the latest updates, and say a hearty hello to our new markets!


         It's been a slow month in terms of major town developments and store operations, so I've decided to go exploring around our lovely server to find some nifty builds.

(pictured, Eagles Landing "Waterfall" outpost, by Noire_R)

         Eagles Landing has been progressing quite nicely in its expansion, as its residents slowly settle into their newfound homes.

(pictured, DigitalNova's residence, Eagles Landing)


Noctus Isle

(pictured, Noctus Isle bird's-eye view)

         Now, should I catch wind of any builds or you guys throw suggestions at me, I will most definitely check them out, and this lovely settlement constructed by Star_Ender is a shining example of such discoveries. Now normally, I find the "stave church"-style done to death in a majority of Minecraft realms and builds, but they make it work in this quaint, tranquil setting. In fact, it works surprisingly well, and I gotta commend them for the beautiful work they've done here. While it's by no means a technical or complicated masterpiece, it just shows what a few well-thought blocks and angles can do to make wonders out of the ordinary. And the almighty power of shaders.

(pictured, Noctus Isle throughout the day)

Star_Ender, we salute you.


         And unfortunately, that about wraps out the Monthly Report! Be sure to tune in next time to see what other sorts of activities and happenings we get ourselves up to, and if you ever get any ideas or suggestions, let any of the staff know; we'd greatly appreciate it. Happy stompin', y'all. ;)



Moderator/Apparent House Maid

         Ah. Nearly forgot. I’ve heard of some… things, going on behind the scenes. Yeah, I know, you’ve all probably heard of these things before, but lemme tell ya… there’s actually something this time. Like really, it’s there. Hope Eli doesn’t mind this...

Make of that what you will.

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