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          Yes, yes, I see you eager people and your eager faces (as my lazy butt does the lazy thing and be lazy). But, alas! We have our winners!

In first place, we got Pryon_Trets and his highly-detailed inn!

In second, we got Jkisnotmyname with a mighty-tall cathedral!

And in third, we have M4CHII with... a pagoda? I guess anything goes!

Make sure I catch you guys in-game so we can pay ya!

          I'd like to also congratulate and thank everyone who participated in this BuildComp; it was a steady turnout and has only encouraged us to keep this ball rollin'! As a reminder, contestants have until August 22nd to clear their plots and collect their items. Should there be any delay in doing so, staff will clear the plots and store your items in chests. And should there be any further delays in collecting by month's end, the items will be removed. So don't delay!

          As for our next BuildComp, make sure you check the site this upcoming Tuesday, August 14th for details. This next one is gonna be quite different from the norm...

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