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The Plan

By treestompz a - Posted Jul 7, 12


This post is going to be a doozy woozy hoozy, quite long too, but it has a lot of exciting information in it! LOTS!

Ok, so first up, how I am feeling? I kinda have been away for a couple days just chillin'.

So at first I was kinda like this:

Then like:

But now I am like:

So yeah, my motivation is all good now and The Plan is still underway.


So, what is The Plan?                      

Good question, I mean it has been kept under wraps! 

Ok! So, here is The Plan:

1) Get a new server!     (kinda)

So for those of you whom may be interested, here are the specs of this beastly machine:

  • i7-2700k OC'd to 4.5ghz (maybe higher lolol)
  • 32GB of RAM
  • 120GB Corsair Force GT 3 Solid State Drive
  • 1TB Harddrive (for backups)

It will be running on a 1GBit uplink and will have the best DDoS protection we can afford.

That machine is currently being custom built at the moment and will be used to host the Hub Server (which you learn about as you read on) and the Main Survival server that you have grown to love :D! It will out-perform the server we have greatly! It will allow us to have lots of players and a lot less lag! We hope to have it in 2-3 weeks (which is also the time frame we hope to complete The Plan in.)

Thanks to our donators who made this dream machine possible! 

2) Get a new server for the PVP server and Survival Games 

We now have 2 dedicated servers! Yay!

This server will be split between the PVP server and the Survival Games server, as it's unnecessary to give each its own dedicated server, if one of them ever gets super popular we can always get another.

This server is just as powerful as the one we have now being used to host the Main Server! Specs:

  • E3-1270
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 128GB Samsung 830 Series Solid State Drive

This server should run both the PVP and Survival games really well :)

3) Actually build and create the Survival Games server 

Thanks to CypherSlick for saving me the time and effort of setting up the Survival Games server! He made the spawn and setup the plugins, and we worked together on choosing a solid set of arenas. I am quite pleased with our current choices! Thanks Cypher for being patient with my annoying perfectionist personality :)!

As of writing this post I think the server is ready to open right now, but I am going to wait until I have some time to be on when it first opens, so expect that to be open any day now.

4) Actually build and create the PVP server 

 The PVP server is still being constructed in terms of plugins and spawn area. Lots of work to do on it but we are hoping to create a unique experience, not like a generic PVP server with just one protected area and the rest of the world looking post-apocalyptic. We are planning for the spawn area to just be a simple, functional small village. UberMeta is building it. Thanks Uber, you're awesome!

Here is a screenshot of it (Work in progress:)

We are also hoping to include a very special plugin that will allow donators to fly dragons, here is a video of that plugin:

We are also hoping to have an absolutely awesome custom plugin made, but the guy who was "developing" it seems to have "disappeared" :/

The PVP server is taking a lot of work and we hope to have it up when the Hub Server is up, but no guarantees.

5) Setting up the StompzCraft Hub Server 

The biggest part of The Plan is to get a Hub Server up and running. Few servers have this, it is something truly awesome. Basically, when joining StompzCraft for the first time you will have an option of which 3 of our servers you want to join: Survival, PVP, or Survival Games. The servers are not worlds, they are completely different servers with completely different IP's. Normally, you would have to log out and manually type in the IP of the server you wish to join, but with this Hub system you simply just have to walk through a Nether portal and you will be proxied to the IP you chose to join. However, based on where you live, you might get lag when using the portals to join the servers, so you can just manually type in the IP instead and that will rid you of any lag you are having.

The Hub Server is going to be the first thing someone sees when joining our server, so I have contacted a friend of the famous builder "Block Fortress" to build our hub. Block Fortress was too busy with exams, but his friend is very talented as well. I don't know him well enough to point somewhere to give him credit, but I will make sure he gets the credit if he follows through. So far, he has built this AMAZING tree, have a looksie:

Trust me, it IS as big as it looks. It is friggin' huge.

When in the Hub Server we want to give off the idea that you are up high, that you are in the Heavens of StompzCraft, that you have the ability to transfer between servers, ooooo aahhh! I plan to have the builder make many more of these trees to give you the feeling you are in a sky-high forest. The bottom of the world will be void, so even if you look down with far render distance, it will appear as you can't see the bottom of the tree. The player area will be right under the leaves, and we hope to have a tree dedicated to each server.

Here, a picture might help:


Red circle=initial spawn tree
Green circle=Main Survival tree
Yellow circle=PVP tree
Blue circle=Survival Games tree

Think of it like this, when you first join, you will be on the red circle, then you can choose which server you want to join. We want to use the aforementioned dragon plugin so that users can fly through the sky-high forest and land on the tree they selected and join that server. Hope that makes sense.



I hope you are excited as I am about all this! A lot of hard work is being put in for all the amazing people we call Stomperz <3

I would hope to have all this completely done before August comes, but I will be going on for vacation (can't say when or for how long for security measures) so time will be tight. Plus, it is summer and I need to try to make the most of it away from the computer. I really hope everything goes to plan, and if so I would love for everything to be done by August 1st. Sound familiar...yeah...that is when 1.3 is suppose to come out which will complicate things more as the world could derp and so could plugins.

As far as voting goes, we will not ask users to vote until most likely The Plan is complete. Everyone needs a break from the annoying people (not all are annoying, some newcomers are awesome!) who join each day, so there shouldn't be as many griefers and trollers as there was before. Unfortunately we can't always keep it like this, as you can probably guess The Plan is very expensive. We will need to bring in more new users soon as that is our main source of donations. As for now though, enjoy the server and make friends instead of forming enemies.

Oh! Also, you should be seeing a website-redesign soon, hopefully, hopefully...

Oh! Oh! The zombie server is tons of fun but it doesn't work well for public games. It isn't fully automated so we can't make it public, maybe some day. In the mean time maybe sometime I will randomly announce a game of Minecraft Zombies as I need to be there to manage it.


Well, that nearly made my hand fall off. I put a lot of work and thought into this post, so please please pleaaaaaaseee comment below with your thoughts as it lets me know people actually care.

Thank you for being so awesome and supportive everyone!

Never stop being awesome!

Stompin' erryday,

Please comment below, it lets me know people care and you have no idea how much joy I get out of reading people's feedback! And I do listen to it too :)

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