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  • Diamond still holds favor, but Emerald isn't far behind, as their buy/sell margins near 2,000 units.
  • Gold is a hot purchase! Redstone sell-ins are booming! Iron and Quartz nearly breaks even.
  • Potatoes are hot sells! Hot! Hot! Hot!
  • Strong showing for Wheat this month.
  • Pufferfish a popular purchase! Meat still waning...


  • Market upgrades to begin this month; keep an eye out for future Timber, Building Materials, and Pet stores...
  • Stock reshuffling imminent...

(New!) Market Terms:

          As the Economy Report progresses, I'll be throwing in more phrases and terms used frequently in today's market, and perhaps in doing so, help make some sense as to how they all operate on a daily basis. So, onto our first term!

n.: a market in which prices are falling, encouraging selling.

          This has been an emergency StompzCraft Economy Report! Normal operations will resume by next Monthly Update.


Moderator/Can Do Maths


FIRST, to start things off...

HAPPEASTER! From all of us here on StompzCraft, we hope you guys are having a happy holiday.

          Anywho, welcome to our 2nd Monthly Update! You thought we forgot, didn't you? Well, you wouldn't be too wrong! (For we almost did... heh.) But, (half-) jokes aside, we've gone around the server and prepped bunches of exciting information to bring to y'all, so, I'll quit my rambling and get properly started. 

          Upon recent findings, it appears that the brokers have gone on strike, the shareholders bailed, and there seems to be a lot of burnt pants on the floor. Must be Spring Break for the Economy Report. Stay tuned for an emergency update!

          Despite disparaging outlooks, we've seen a bit of a boost in the economy, as new shops have sprouted up all over the server! We've taken a peak, and loved the progress we see. Be sure to check out Conner's Crazy Cheap Crud (conner_roks) , Randomness777's Shop (randomness777), BaronVonFrank's Shop (BaronVonFrank), and Frost's Emporium! (Frostglaex). We particularly took a liking to Frost's lava dome design, which we hear was designed by KirinLight himself. All shops can be accessed via /warp mall.

(pictured, Frostglaex's Emporium)

          You may have also noticed, we at the Stompz team have chosen to get into the Easter "spirit". Because of this, you'll notice some new decorations around Spawn, curtosy of our own AccidentProneMan (heh, me). Much love to you Acci <3 (thanks Pings :3).

          (I promise we'll have an Easter egg hunt next year; time got away from us, this time.)

(pictured (top to bottom): Stompz Clock Tower, MallHub (featuring ST3V3P), MarketHub, Mt. Stompzmore)

          Now, onto the even more exciting parts of our community here at Stompz: towns! Several new towns have made their way onto the grand stage of StompzCraft, and all of them have been making excellent progress. There are two in particular we would like to take a closer look at, Viridis City and Eagles Landing, led by their respective mayors, Randomness and ST3V3P! Let's dive right in.

(pictured, Viridis City Spawn)

          Viridis City is a bustling town with a quickly-growing populus. Filled with dense vegetation and charming architecture, it's surely a beauty, bringing back old Stompz vibes that surely have been missed. Randomness has been hard at work expanding his town, and we wish him the very best of luck. :)

(pictured (top to bottom), Viridis City Portal Hub, Viridis City skyline) 

(pictured, Eagles Landing)

          Now, on to Eagles Landing! We've loved seeing the progress being made with this town, and the wide array of builds being sprouted up all around it! The city itself is centered in the middle of several mountains, making for an excellent backdrop. Its mayor. ST3V3P, is always welcoming new members, so be sure to check it out!

(pictured, "Main Street" Eagles Landing)

          Finally, we take a look at a massive project being undertaken by several Stomperz to unite the community. Many of you have already heard of it; it's called the Great StompzCraft Road (or as I'm personally coining it, the Stompz Continental).

          The concept behind the road is to make a giant connector between every town on Stompz, something we've never seen done before in our community's history! Everyone is welcomed to pitch in, so if you'd like to lend a hand or connect your town, be sure to contact Beelan or one of the other town mayors working on it!

          One of the most impressive parts of this road is the West-Gate Bridge. This is truly a marvel to look at, with a functioning lighthouse slapped right in the middle. We've even heard whispers of a city popping up around it...? Take a looksie!

(pictured (top to bottom), West-Gate Bridge: lighthouse/center point, eastern terminus, western terminus/???)

          Well, with all these new developments coming, we're very excited to see what's in store for next month's update. It seems that's all we have left to bring to you today! As always, we'll be keeping an eye out, and happy Stompin'!

(pictured, Saloon @ MallHub with the newest Minecraft update!... I hate April Fool's.)


Moderator/Part-time Egghead


Moderator/Confirmed Basket-Case

          Howdy! In light of our poorly-made decisions and my laziness, our “weekly” update that never actually was updated weekly has been styled into a Monthly Update! So. Come the beginning of each new month, we will be posting about all the happenings and events that have taken place around our lovely community, and new features you all can look forward to in the not-too-distant future. Speaking of new features…


          Your eyes do not deceive you, fair citizen! Endless mob grinding and shop hassling days are over! Down in our resident MarketHub, several different adminshops have been placed to service your economical needs. Prices will fluctuate heavily, as will supply and demand as provided by you, the player. Keep an eye on those chests! You never know which items will be the next money-maker. Here’s a rundown!



  • Diamond and Redstone are at the top of the market, with buy/sell margins easily breaching over 1,000 units.
  • Redstone surprisingly broke even for the month.
  • Gold, Iron, and Quartz are also popular purchases.
  • Pufferfish are selling like hot cakes.
  • Lapis is proving a sound market this month.
  • Meat is at an all-time low, readjustments imminent...

And a few updates:

  • Building Materials! (coming soon to a Market near you)
  • Market Capacities will be receiving a much-needed upgrade...


          Three new shops have also opened in the StompzCraft Mall! Be sure to check out Beelans Buy & Sell, DeadBook’s Shop, and LadyMelody’s when you get the chance! As always, the Mall is located right at Spawn, via /spawn or /warp mall.


          Let us know what items you’d like to see, and what your top picks are! Be sure to check out the Economy Report as it’s posted, the StompzCraft market is always changing…

(pictured, Duke City)

          Progress moves ever forward, as we already have two budding nations rising in the world of Stompz: Kovniir and Utopia Minor, led by their noble leaders Ladyroguemelody and Pingsterr. Support is small, but I wish the best of luck to these two aspiring states. Our beloved owner Lemo has already preached support for Ladyrogue. Pingsterr can go sit on a cactus. A very sharp cactus.

(pictured, Briskers)


          Now, let's take a quick look at each nation!


          Utopia Minor is our newest nation, led by its dedicated leader Ladyroguemelody. Its capital, Duke City, takes inspiration from the real life city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is a fast growing town with excellent builds that shouldn't be missed, and a transport system and shop that make lovely additions. Be sure to check out their hot air balloons, based off of the real annual Balloon Festival!


Kovniir is a nation with rich history, having its roots in Stompzcraft’s previous world. Led by Pingsterr and his second, M4CHII, its capital Briskers is based off of Erebor, from Tolkien's, The Hobbit. With a dedicated build team hard at work, and a friendly following of towns, they are at work to make a place inspired by fantasy, for all players to enjoy!


          Some other towns we have seen poking their heads up include Eagles Landing. Led by ST3V3P, it is a very welcoming town always ready to include more members!


          We also have done a little bit of poking around the town of our own Jbshadow, Rome. Hard at work to continue the legacy, Rome is a town filled with beautiful builds that shouldn't be missed!


          Unfortunately we've only had time to mention a few, but all the towns here on Stompz are up and ready to flourish! We wish them all the very best of luck.

          Finally, as a heads up, we will be moving the server to the Main IP; don’t worry, this isn’t a reset, but there may be intermittent downtime in the off peak for StompzCraft. This will allow us to close down the Main server and focus our resources upon the beta server.


          And that about wraps up our monthly update! We hope this wasn’t a total waste of time, and as always, let us know what you guys think and what you wanna see in the next month! Until next time, signing out, and see ya on the server!



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