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A blast from the past...

Oh yeah. It's back, baby.

         For our first BuildComp in this world, the theme will be Medieval/Dark Ages. Click here if you wanna join! (Or click here if you wanna judge!)


AccidentProneMan posted Jul 12, 18  -  shopsstompzcrafttowny




         Players can open up shop again! Which is GREAT! Especially for the older players! Because... well... chestshops are back, but it isn't quite the shops we were used to lately. [Dev] Abs0rbed is still working on re-engineering the other plug, so, for now, we're bringing back the old "sign" shops...

         N-now now! Don't panic! This is actually a lot easier to implement than you think! Yes, the signs can feel a bit "archaic" but they're actually pretty straightforward when it comes down to it.

         Should this be insufficient (right-click to open in a new tab; curse thy resizing), don't worry; there is also a tutorial available at the MallHub (/warp chestshop).

         As stated before, we will provide another update when we finally get the playershop plug-in re-tooled. But for now, chestshops are back! So go ahead and get to bartering already! I know you've all been waiting...


Moderator/ One Broke Boi

Consistency? Why, I hardly knew her!

        The World Cup rolls on as we come roarin’ around with another StompzCraft Monthly Update! There’s been quite a bit that has happened in the past month, so ye best hold on!


  • The “Building Material Boon” has paid off well, with Stone Bricks stock alone overflowing to well over [REDACTED]!
  • Lumber and Produce performed admirably, with many margins over 17,000 units sold!
  • All shops were on an upward trend! The market has gone full bull! CHANGES IMMINENT.


(pictured: an unforseen “bug” in the developing process; pic provided courtesy of Abs0rbed/red_stoner62)

        Redeveloping player shops is still ongoing, with our dedicatee [Dev] Abs0rbed giving it his best efforts. As evidenced above, many unforeseen obstacles and hiccups occur during the process; we’ll be sure to get this work done as soon as possible, when Abs0rbed’s busy schedule permits. A dedicated frontpage update will be made when it’s ready to go. Thank you for your patience.

        As for the current economic situation, now that we finally got solid data, there’ll be some necessary adjustments to current MarketHub shops. Also, if not mentioned before, /auction (/auc) is back! Should you have any goods to sell off personally, check up on the commands through /auction help (or /auc help) in-game to get squared away.

Market Terms:

         n. (informal): fall suddenly and disastrously in value


        As always, be sure to stayed tuned for next month's Economy Report for all the latest updates, notices and more.

(pictured: statues of Herobrine and a Creeper in Tondc)

        Two more towns have joined the lineup since our last update, so let’s give a warm welcome to newcomers Tondc (mayor: x_sambone_x) and Omniverse (mayor: Alpha_of_Omnia)! And judging by their current developments, I’m sure these two will be just fine. :)

(pictured: Viridis City's Established Town Portal is now up! C'mon, ya slowpokes!)


Pryon’s Canyonlands

(pictured: Pryon_Tret’s smithy at sunrise)

        Now this is a special place I’ve been saving to feature should we hit a myre in the building flow of things. Pryon_Trets has not only been around for quite a while but, you’ve guessed it, is also an impressive builder. Should any of you have happened to stroll through his town Navia, you’d know firsthand of his meticulous attention to detail. Given he hasn’t actually named his home (and to be fair I more-or-less intruded on the property unannounced), I’ll just shove in Canyonlands for the sake that this lovely dwelling sits amongst the stained clay grandeur; have a look at the pics to see what I mean. And, hopefully (when the Aussies & the Americans can be on at the same time for once and get stuff organized), you’ll be seeing more of his stuff throughout StompzCraft, soon enough. ;)

(pictured: auto-sorting storage shed at sunrise)

(pictured: melon/pumpkin farm)

(pictured: adjacent mixed crop farm with ze pretty lights)

(pictured: adjacent-adjacent crop farm in the wee morning hours)

(pictured: a beautiful arch bridge, with stunning mesa views serving as a backdrop)

(pictured: even at night, this settlement is stunning)

(pictured: one final parting shot before we leave this lovely place)

        Keep your chin up, Pryon_Trets. I’m predicting something good coming your way soon.


(pictured: always busy work on this server of ours!)

        That about concludes this StompzCraft Monthly Update. I hope y’all are having a lovely summer/winter, and, for my fellow Americans, happy Independence Day. Stay safe out there.


Moderator/[Freedoms Internally]

… ah. Before I foreget…

(pictured: Mysterious things be a-brewin’ in the Plains…)

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