Hello Stomperz and Friends!

Welcome to the official Minecraft Madness page!

Whether you are a member of StompzCraft, or someone visiting for the first time, this will let tell you all about the Minecraft Madness tournament we are hosting! $100 Grand Prize!

For those of you not familiar with the popular college basketball tournament, called "March Madness," I will explain a bit about how a tournament works. No matter what activity, all tournaments are organized the same! Teams play each other, if they win, they move on, if they lose, they're out. If you win the first game, you move on, and then play the next opponent who won their first game. If you win again, you move onto the next round, and so on. If you never lose, well, then you are the champion!

So, how does this relate to Minecraft? All teams will compete on Vechs' Second Race for the Wool map. For those of you who do not know, Vechs makes custom maps for Minecraft, specifically his 'Super Hostile' series. These maps have the common goal of retrieving the various colors of wool (which are made hard to get) and bringing them back to the 'Victory Monument.' These are usually singeplayer maps, but Vechs made Race for the Wool, a super-competitive multiplayer map. In the Race for the Wool map we will be competing on, there is a blue, green, and red wool. Once a team puts all those colors on the Victory Monument, they are the winner. We will be playing on the map called "Direct Fire." I suggest you watch some Race for the Wool videos on YouTube to get a better understanding.

Here is a video by EthosLab, it is a very good example of a competitive Race for the Wool match:

Alright! Sounds sweet! How will it be organized?

StompzCraft will completely manage the entire event. That includes providing the server hosting, organization of teams, and refereeing the games to make sure everyone plays fair.

The games will most likely be hosted on the East Coast of the U.S. (Unconfirmed.) If you live far away from there, don't be discouraged! I am sure the lag will be minimal, and plus, I am sure many teams will have players from an assortment of countries.

StompzCraft will also randomly pick who goes up against who, and organize a bracket for you to track your and the other competitors progress.

StompzCraft will also have trusted users of its community referee the games. There will be several referees per game. The referees will be invisible so they are not distracting. They will monitor actions of all the players to make sure everyone is playing fairly.

That brings us to THE RULES.


It should be noted that if ANY member of a team cheats during an event, their team is disqualified, no questions asked. By joining the tournament, you understand this.

Instead of creating a long list of rules, we have come up with a better idea!

StompzCraft will distribute an entire ".minecraft" folder that users must use to play. This .minecraft folder will have no modifications to it. That means, NO texture packs, NO mods, NO hacks, NOTHING.

Installing ANYTHING such as a mini-map mod, fly-mod, x-ray mod, etc... is considered CHEATING and will DISQUALIFY you.


Ok, ok! I got it! Let me sign my team up already!

The games will be 4v4. This means each team can register 4 players to be on their team. In the event that a main player does not show up, we have allowed for there to be 2 substitutes. However, substitutes are NOT necessary. You can also choose to play a man or two down IF one of your users does not show up. (4v3.) Only 1 application will be accepted per team. That means only 1 person on your team should submit your team application. Whoever submits your team's application is considered your Team Leader. The Team Leader is in charge of managing your team and will be the person the admins of StompzCraft contact.

Few things to keep in mind when registering a team:
-The ENTIRE team (4 main, 2 subs) cannot be on another team! Even substitutes can't be on ANY other team!
-If you register users on your team without their consent, you are disqualified from the tournament and will be banned from the server for 21 days.

So, how do I make sure StompzCraft knows everyone on my team agrees to be on it?

After submitting your team application...if you go to the Forums of StompzCraft at the top you will see a section called "Minecraft Madness." Then click "Team Applications." This is where StompzCraft will confirm that everyone on your team agrees to be on it. Once your team application is processed, StompzCraft will post a thread with your team's name. After that thread is posted, you and your team have 48 hours to post saying "I agree to play on this team for Minecraft Madness and will be there to play at the set match time." If someone says they did not agree to be on this team, the punishment stated aforementioned will be taken against the Team Leader. If a user says "I changed my mind," he is disqualified from the tournament.

Ok, so with all the technical stuff out of the way, lets get to the fun stuff!

The dates and times of the matches are NOT set yet. We will let you know when they are! (This is because we have NO idea how popular this tournament will be, but we will give you atleast 2 weeks notice before the first round!)

The Grand Prize is $100 USD (United States Dollar) anywhere PayPal is accepted! The $100 is a TEAM shopping spree. You must coordinate how you will share the $100 with your team, and StompzCraft will make sure each Team Member is happy. IMPORTANT: ONLY TEAM MEMBERS WHO PLAYED IN THE FINAL MATCH WILL RECEIVE THE MONEY. So if you couldn't make the championship, you will not be considered one of the 4 winners. StompzCraft recommends AWESOME Minecraft clothing clothing at: Jinx, the official Minecraft clothing provider.

StompzCraft hopes to see the tournament become very popular, and wants as many teams as possible, so spread the word!

Be sure to check back here for updates!

Let's do this!


Stealth_Killer20 Sounds good, I love these kinds of things, and shooting people....
OWEIFJWEF What happened to this?
wweemmnn @jakescothern1234 You have to have a team of 4.