Server Rules

treestompz a posted Dec 23, 11

These are the rules that apply to the Minecraft server. StompzCraft reserves the right to ban absolutely anyone without consent of the ban victim. We don't like banning, but it is something that is needed. Stay out of trouble, and you will have no problems!

Note: just because something StompzCraft deems inappropriate isn't here, doesn't mean you can do it. Being a bad guy, and trying to find loop-holes in the rules, will still get you banned. Don't be a bad guy.


1) No griefing. (Breaking blocks that are not yours.)

2) No stealing. (Do not take other peoples items.)

3) No cheating. (Using "hacks")
            -Flymod, x-ray, time changing, etc...
            -Mods such as mini-maps are ALLOWED.

4) Only PvP in PvP areas. When in a PvP area, you can be killed and have your items in your inventory taken from you.

5) No spamming chat.

6) Respect Moderators and Admins' decisions.

7) Do not ask to be a Mod repeatedly.

8) No trolling. (Purposely enraging people.)

9) Talk in English. If you need to talk in another language, you can use the /msg command to talk privately.

We will see new rules arise as we go on. It is your responsibility to check for changes.

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Angelyna19 If they don't follow it, report it. Mods are always watching the chats for problems.